Boost your Black Friday campaigns with 20% FREE SMS this November

It’s the time of year again; as we wave goodbye to the summer and embrace the run-up to Christmas, retailers are gearing up for one of the most significant dates in their calendar, Black Friday. 

Falling on the 26th of November, Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days in the UK. British shoppers are expected to spend £4.8million on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. However, with just 33% (down from 42% in 2019) of adults planning on spending during the Black Friday sales, it’s never been more important to make sure your campaigns are on top form.

To help our customers harness the momentum of Black Friday, we’re offering an extra 20% free SMS credits purchased during November*. On top of this, we’ve listed a few helpful tips to help your campaigns rocket during sale season.

Illustration of phone with fireworks, showcasing Black Friday offer

Start early.

Getting ahead of the competition and to the front of your consumers’ minds is key to a successful seasonal sale. At this time of year, consumers are anticipating significant discounts across a range of products – 42% of shoppers spending on Black Friday are doing so for Christmas shopping specifically. With customers planning ahead, retailers can capitalise on seasonal excitement for more than one day – Launching ‘Black November’ campaigns.

Thinking beyond the price tag

The past 18 months have entirely shifted consumer behaviour. As travel was restricted, shopping locally became much more popular. Consumers saw value in the unique offerings of independent retailers, improved customer service, and a more personal shopping experience. While independent retailers might struggle to keep up with the huge discounts offered by national chains, they can still add value. Convenience is king, particularly around the festive season, where consumers are under pressure to buy an extensive list of gifts for a diverse range of friends, family, and colleagues. Creating one-stop shopping guides or spotlight gift ideas for Mums, Dads, brothers, and sisters can help make life easier for your customers.

Check your emotions

It’s easy to default to ‘urgency’ in your marketing campaigns, but research shows that consumers are less engaged with messages that contain words like ‘hurry’ or ‘time is running out.’ Instead, try to pull on alternative emotions:

  • Challenge: “Are you ready?” and “Prepare yourself”
  • Intimacy: Suggest familiarity or imply an existing relationship between the brand and consumer 
  • Encourage: “Go for it,” “Treat yourself,” and “Almost there”
  • Fear of loss: “Don’t miss out” and “Don’t let it slip”
  • Fascination: “You have to try this!”

Diversify your campaigns.

Consumers are bombarded with more marketing messages than ever during the festive period. A UK consumer is exposed to an average of 5,000 ads or sponsored messages daily, even outside of the holidays. As the adoption of digital technologies becomes widespread and a core part of the communication strategy for businesses of all sizes, the battle of engagement intensifies.

Businesses can’t rely on a single touchpoint to reach their customers. Using multiple channels with a clear and consistent message can substantially improve engagement and all-important conversion. Research from Smart Insights found that sending a text message to follow up on an email can improve open rates by as much as 20-30%.

To help boost your Black Friday campaigns we’re offering all our customers 20% FREE on SMS credits purchased during November* 

Any purchase *between 1,000 – 250,000 credits made between Wednesday 1st November – Tuesday 30th November 2021 will receive an extra 20% SMS credits for free!

To claim, forward your invoice to with the header BLACKFRIDAY – the offer can be used multiple times during the period, on message bundles of up to 250,000 but CANNOT be used with any existing offer or discount.

If you wish to purchase message bundles larger than 250,000, discounts may be available, simply contact our sales team for details.

To take advantage of your free credits, or to get more information about how to create killer Black Friday campaigns, please get in contact today at  at or on 0117 205 0202.