Generate leads with SMS marketing

The goal of any profitable business is to generate leads and drive revenue, but in such a competitive market, how can you ensure that your message is heard loud and clear?

The goal of any profitable business is to generate leads and drive revenue, but in such a competitive market, how can you ensure that your message is heard loud and clear? Companies are striving to work faster, not harder, which is why many have opted for SMS marketing

Each year the number of smartphone users continues to rise and most Brits check their phone every 12 minutes of the waking day. The future of SMS marketing is just beginning to take flight as 68% of companies predict that mobile messaging will soon adopt a primary role in consumer marketing.  

The benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS lead capture can be used to drive growth and enhance the customer experience, all whilst creating more streamlined organisational procedures. Mobile texts can come across as highly personable but, in reality, they are minimally disruptive to your customer’s day-to-day life. 

Important tasks, such as collecting feedback and dealing with queries, can all be conducted over text, freeing up valuable time for your employees and reducing any costs associated with lengthy phone calls. You can also use SMS lead capture to boost sales by reminding customers of items in their shopping cart, recommending similar services they may enjoy, and alerting them of upcoming sales or restocks.  

Although the benefits of SMS marketing are easily illustrated, it’s how you use this resource that makes all the difference. Supporting customers through SMS has never been easier, however, you should always keep in mind who your audience is and how you approach them.  

Generate Leads with SMS in Ecommerce

In light of the pandemic, ecommerce has skyrocketed to unparalleled heights, which is great for business but also attracts a lot of competition. Therefore, you need to use SMS marketing techniques that remind customers about your online business. Most ecommerce stores don’t have the luxury of a brick-and-mortar facility, so use your online presence to grow your SMS database.   

SMS marketing techniques can be used to remind your customers when an item they love is back in stock, notify customers when they’ve left an item in their basket, and remind them of any upcoming flash sales. Additionally, you can send out unique or special offers, such as birthday discounts, that your customers will highly value. 

Generate B2B Leads With SMS

Although it is often overlooked, SMS marketing is an incredibly valuable tool for B2B businesses. In essence, B2B also involves communication between humans, however, unlike B2C, purchasing habits are less irrational and emotionally driven. Therefore, to successfully run an SMS lead capture campaign for a B2B business, you’ll need to approach the situation differently. 

Make sure you divide your database and personalise your texts according to segments like business size, industry sector, or professional level. If you’re a printing company, for example, it’s unlikely that your customers all have the same needs so make sure to personalise your content precisely. Recommend services that will interest them and make sure to send out texts during business hours. 

Generate B2C Leads With SMS

As a B2C business, you’ll want to think of your texts in relation to your product. Make your entire database aware of the services and products you offer. Once you’ve built a rapport and made yourself known you can entice them to make a purchase or visit you. 

Unlike B2B businesses, you can take advantage of consumer purchasing habits such as special holidays or entice them to make impulsive buys with a discount. For example, if you own a spa or restaurant, why not invite customers to RSVP for a special event or offer them a coupon for their next experience. 

How to Make the Most of Your SMS Marketing & Increase Lead Generation


Timing is everything. You may be eager to remind your customers about an upcoming flash sale but doing so at 7am might not be the best idea. Sending texts at inappropriate times can come across as unprofessional, hinder the relationship, or even cause your customer to unsubscribe. Keep your target audience in mind, for example, if you’re messaging a B2B client, you’ll want to send your SMS during work hours. 


Before you launch your SMS lead capture campaign, make sure to outline a clear communication strategy. What tone of voice will your brand be embodying? How often will you be texting your customers? The aim is to find a sustainable balance that intrigues and entices customers but doesn’t overwhelm them. SMS marketing is designed to enhance your relationship with customers, not diminish it. 

Providing Value

Your SMS database is compiled of people who entrusted you with their most personal contact details, so make sure that the content you are providing is valuable. If you want to ensure your messages are converting, avoid pointless and irrelevant messages. Tailoring your messages to segments of your database and avoiding recycled media content are two great ways to ensure you are providing value.  

Using CTAs

When you’re working with text messages you’re constrained to a specific character limit, so make every word count. One of the most influential tweaks you can make to your marketing strategy is including a call to action (CTA). This will keep your message precise and seemingly create suspense, as you invite your audience to “click here” to view your latest offers.