Driving sales and boosting CX during the Platinum Jubilee

Customers expect a great customer experience all year round. Here’s how you can drive sales and improve CX during your busiest seasons.

On 2 June 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will become the first British Monarch to sit on the throne for 70 years. To commemorate this historic event, which will take place from 2-5 June, there will be two consecutive bank holidays. And you can be sure there will be celebrations and parties taking place up and down the country, not only during that weekend but likely in the weeks leading up to and after the Jubilee. For businesses, this presents a huge opportunity, both in terms of raising brand awareness and the financial potential it could bring – it’s time to focus on driving great customer experience

Using the Jubilee celebrations to drive excitement

Events like the Platinum Jubilee and even annually recurring ones like Christmas and Easter can be great times to launch new product ranges (if relevant), and run sales and promotions. 

Take Marks & Spencer. They’re selling two Corgi and Queen Connie the Caterpillar Cakes, just in time for the Jubilee celebrations. And then there’s Aldi that’s selling limited edition Kevin the Carrot Jubilee soft toys

Naturally, these well-known global retailers can rely on the power of their brand and the attention of the media to draw traffic to their products. But it doesn’t matter how big or well-known your business is. You can still use events like the Jubilee to raise your brand profile.

For example, you could launch a sale (70% off to represent the 70 years of service the Queen has given?), a special discount code or a package deal. Whatever you decide to do, you can use SMS marketing to promote it.

SMS messages have an average open rate of 98% compared to email’s 30%. Let’s face it – email is saturated. The majority of brands are vying for attention and inboxes typically filter emails. So, not only are you facing a lot of competition but your email might never even be seen, never mind opened.

Reach out to your customers and bridge that one-on-one connection with SMS. Ensure your customers aren’t missing out on the latest deals and seasonal information. For example, if you’re a retailer, here are some great examples of SMS messages you could send:

  • Order updates
  • Delivery notifications
  • Sales and marketing promotions
  • Personalised promotional codes

Maintaining an excellent standard of customer experience

Though customers might understand that it could take businesses a little longer than usual to get back to them, they would prefer faster service wherever possible. Is there anyone who would gladly choose to wait on hold over instantly getting through to a customer support team? 

With SMS, you can be directly connected to your customers. A virtual mobile number, for instance, allows customers to send your business a text message directly. Or you can receive replies to your texts. These messages go straight to your email inbox and web-based account. And just like an email, the thread is automatically saved.

This means customers can easily reach out to you via the device of their choice. No need to wait on hold or be logged out of the chat due to a period of inactivity. And your customer-facing representatives can quickly pick up conversations where the last rep left off. It’s a seamless experience for your customers and improved efficiency for your business.

The Jubilee holiday opens up opportunities for businesses

From Christmas and Easter to Halloween, Mother’s Day and now the Platinum Jubilee, seasonal events offer a wealth of opportunities for businesses. But it’s not just about the sales and promotions you choose; it’s also about the way you promote them to your customer base and the excellent customer experience you can continue to provide.

No matter how busy things might become, ensure your customers always receive a high level of customer service and experience. Thanks to the various benefits of SMS, such as speed, accessibility and its ability to facilitate a two-way conversation, it can form an integral part of your communication toolkit.

Learn more about the potential SMS messaging can bring to your business by reaching out to us today.