Why should SMS Marketing be part of your communication toolkit?

If you’re new to SMS Marketing, there’s a whole heap of untapped potential waiting for you. When it comes to getting your messaging to your customers, you can’t just rely on one channel. 

Email marketing has its place in almost every business. However, marketers are working tirelessly against cluttered inboxes and spam filters, striving to find the perfect formula for their subject lines to achieve those all-important opens. The average open rate for email sits at just 21%, with a click-through rate of just over 3%. While no business should be looking to turn its back on email, if you’re not leveraging multiple channels to reach your customers, it’s unlikely you’re reaching many of them. 

SMS messaging delivers open rates of up to 98%, a 45% response rate, and 98% of messages are read in the first minute of receipt.

So why should you consider SMS Marketing?

1. Speed

SMS is the fastest way to get important information to your customers. SMS is read, received and responded to faster than any other marketing channel and when paired with email or social media marketing, 50% of SMS campaigns generate a positive ROI.

2. It’s a two-way conversation

Use recognisable shortcodes to encourage your customers to interact with you, whether you’re inviting your customers to take advantage of exclusive discounts or collecting information to enrich your database. Shortcodes help to unify SMS Marketing with your other channels to boost the impact of your campaigns across multiple touchpoints.

3. It’s accessible

SMS is accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. There’s little to no cost to implement; you only pay for the messages you send and thanks to our intuitive and straightforward platform, you don’t need any technical expertise or experience. It’s also accessible to your customers, as SMS doesn’t rely on smartphones. Anyone with a mobile phone can send and receive SMS. As of 2020, 87% of UK adults owned a smartphone alone.

4. Schedule campaigns for maximum impact 

Managing multiple campaigns can be challenging. With SMS, you can schedule campaigns to save time in planning and you don’t need to create individual messages to send to bulk or grouped contact lists

5. It’s cost-effective

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other marketing channel that provides the level of results SMS Marketing does for a similar cost. Plus, you only pay for what you use, so there’s no risk involved in implementing it into your marketing strategy. Right now, if you’re new to business SMS, Text Marketer is more cost-effective than ever!

So what are you waiting for?