Unlocking the power of Text Marketing for UK Bank Holidays 2023

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Black Friday, seasonal holidays present a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their profits. But did you know that Bank Holidays can also be just as lucrative? This year in the UK we have a bumper Bank Holiday season ahead of us, thanks to the Spring Bank Holiday, The King’s Coronation, Whitsun Bank Holiday and Summer Bank Holiday. This blog will teach you how to use each holiday to connect with customers and increase sales with text message marketing. So, keep reading to make the most of these opportunities!

Capitalise on the May Bank Holiday weekend

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the much-awaited May Bank Holiday. Falling on Monday, May 1st, this holiday provides employees with a much-deserved day off, extending their weekend and offering an opportunity for a quick getaway without sacrificing their annual leave. For others, this extra day presents a chance to indulge in activities such as home improvement, gardening, shopping, or spending quality time with loved ones.

Regardless of how individuals choose to spend their additional free time, this holiday provides an excellent opportunity for businesses in the retail, hospitality, travel, and leisure sectors to offer text message promotions and entice potential customers. With the majority of the population looking to make the most of their long weekend, it’s the perfect time to showcase your brand and increase sales. Think about sending personalised text messages that highlight the unique aspects of your brand and create a connection with the customer. By crafting engaging content and sending it out to the right audience, you can maximise the potential of the May Bank Holiday to boost sales.

Text marketing fit for a King

In 2023, the UK will celebrate an additional Bank Holiday to mark the Coronation of King Charles III, which will take place on May 6th. Although the ceremony will be held on a Saturday, the following Monday will also be declared a Bank Holiday for this year only. The upcoming Coronation presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses to get involved in the festivities and promote themselves through text marketing. Brands can take advantage of this once in a lifetime occasion by offering exclusive deals and encouraging interactions with their subscribers. As most individuals in the UK have never witnessed a live Coronation, this event promises to be momentous and presents an excellent chance to engage with customers.

Get ready for the Half-Term Week

The Whitsun Bank Holiday, which takes place on the final Monday of May, coincides with a week-long school break for families with children. As the weather improves during this period, it presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to offer promotions related to holidays, entertainment, and leisure activities. Text marketing is an effective way to reach out to customers during this time and promote your brand.

Last Chance for Summer Savings

The Summer Bank Holiday occurs in late August, providing another chance for UK residents to take a break from work without affecting their annual leave. For retailers, this occasion marks the perfect time to make a final push on back-to-school promotions and launch end-of-summer sales. With text marketing, businesses can reach out to potential customers with targeted campaigns that offer exclusive discounts, incentives, and more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your sales and increase engagement with your audience!

Stay ahead of the game: Start planning your Bank Holiday promotions now with text message marketing

Are you wondering when to start planning your Bank Holiday season promotions? We recommend getting started right away to stay ahead of the competition. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that text message campaigns can be rolled out at the last minute, they require careful preparation. Plus, texting is permission-based, meaning you need to build up your subscriber database in advance.

If you’re new to text marketing, don’t worry, it’s simple to get started. Just decide on your target audience and use a multi-channel approach to reach them. Incentivise them with discounts or exclusive content, and make it easy for them to opt-in through sign-up forms on your website, running a text-to-join campaign, or offering in-store sign-ups. You can also promote your text message campaign on social media and run it alongside your traditional marketing efforts for maximum impact.

By taking a strategic approach to your Bank Holiday season promotions, you’ll be able to make the most of this busy time and attract more customers to your business. So, let’s get planning and make this Bank Holiday season your best one yet!

Revamping your marketing list

Already using text marketing to reach your audience? It’s crucial to keep your database up to date. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on marketing that doesn’t reach the intended target. Empty fields or missing phone digits in your data list can cause messages to not be sent, while duplicate phone numbers result in sending the same message to the same person, which not only wastes your budget but will almost certainly irritate whoever receives the duplicate messages. 

Once your database is in order, it’s time to schedule your messages. Take advantage of our scheduling options to send your text messages at the most convenient time for your audience. Consider sending messages during the long weekends when people are relaxing and are more receptive to promotional messages. Advanced scheduling also allows you to capitalise on time-limited offers and promotions, such as flash sales, which can be sent out at short notice.

Take advantage of the upcoming Bank Holidays and elevate your marketing strategy with Text Marketer

Bank Holidays provide fertile ground for text message marketing. Whether it’s through exclusive content, special offers, or two-way conversations, text marketing can help you reach your marketing goals and reach your desired audience. With careful planning, database building, message scheduling, and marketing list maintenance, you can leverage the upcoming Bank Holidays and run successful text message marketing campaigns with Text Marketer. Start now to enjoy a prosperous Bank Holiday season!