SMS marketing: 5 tips for scorching summer sales

It’s no secret that SMS marketing campaigns are now outperforming most other marketing channels. If you are new to text message marketing or curious as to how it can help your business we’re here to help. Read on to discover why SMS campaigns will be driving the most conversions this summer season.

Benefits of SMS Text Notifications

What is it about text marketing that makes it so successful? The 98% open rate gets most marketers’ attention. As a nation we are obsessed with our phones, that’s where it’s all happening. We use them for practically everything and that is no exaggeration.

By the end of 2022, 90% of brits owned a mobile phone and that figure included people over the age of 55. Mobile device ownership is predicted to continue to rise and cover older generations.

Mobile phone users look at their phone’s every 4 minutes which means of the 98% of messages that are opened, the majority are read and actioned within minutes. SMS marketing messages are just easier to act on than email marketing messages.

The average person can receive up to 121 emails per day. This includes business and personal emails so marketing emails are becoming white noise, with many being deleted without even being read. Social media marketing can be very hit and miss also, with many adverts being scrolled past.

So if like us you think that SMS marketing will improve your ROI follow our 5 tips to drive your summer campaign:

1. Summertime: grow your SMS subscribers & get to know them better!

We know you’re eager to get started with your SMS summer sale campaign but, before you do, let’s get prepared. To optimise your campaign you need an audience. If you are already using text marketing you may think that your data list is healthy. There are always more people you can attract for different seasons and events.

One of the best features of text marketing is that it is an opt-in channel. The consumers you will be communicating with are subscribers and they have permitted you to contact them. This is great news because it means that you only have followers who are interested in your brand.

Create a landing page for customers using a QR card or internet link so they can go straight to the information about your sign-up scheme. Whilst there, they may have a look around your site and save some products to favourites in preparation for their sign-up incentive.

Use the up and coming summer holidays to gather more subscribers and grow your database further. Take an omnichannel approach and use your other marketing channels to create hype around your latest SMS campaign. And what better way to increase customer data than to use communication channels you already have access to?

Encourage new subscribers to join your SMS list with an incentive such as a discount code when they first sign-up and let them know that these are the perks subscribers can benefit from in the future.

2. Personalise your messages and segment your lists

SMS marketing campaigns can be personalised. This type of communication can break down barriers between you and your customer. Text messages are usually exchanged between friends and family so it’s best to hit that more personal vibe.

When using a good SMS platform, you can send SMS messages that include the recipient’s name, observe birthdays and can also feature favourite products or recently purchased items.

Segmentation is an equally valuable Text marketing tool. Using segmentation allows you to separate your audience into categories so you are not sending all messages to the whole of your data list. Using more targeted comms will save you time and money.

You can segment your audience to suit your SMS campaigns and send certain SMS messages out to a particular group or groups of consumers. Separate by age, location, interest, and much more to reach the right people for your summer sales.

3. Use SMS to Leverage Summer Events

Once you have the attention of your audience for your summer sales, you can also take the engagement opportunity to boost your brand events around that same period.

For example, you may have pop-up shops at local festivals, you may have joined forces with an influencer to create a summer series and immediately after your sales have started you will be looking to launch your new season products.

Boost sales beyond the summer season and keep your customers coming back for more than just discounts and offers. Let them know that any information they do receive from you via SMS is privileged information that your other customers won’t be getting. The majority of what you send out on SMS must seem exclusive to your subscribers or they may opt out.

4. Send customers tips and lists to help with their trip

Whether your business has summer-related products or not, there is no reason why you can’t make the most of the time of year to text subscribers and increase sales. Use SMS messages to share information and guides, and attract customers to visit your webpage.

You can lean into the current seasonal mood of shoppers much the same way you do at Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. Make yourself a part of the action and keep communication with subscribers open.

For example, create a series of tips or a guide that you can dispatch via text for planning the perfect holiday or a guide for activities to occupy kids. If you have a product that you can link to the summer holidays your tips can include your related product.

Drive engagement by sending special offers to subscribers using the summer season as a reason to celebrate. Tap into summer vibes with a special seasonal discount code. Fashion brands could offer a code that can be applied to all summer-related products.

5. Use SMS to Launch a Flash Sale

Flash sales are a great way to make your subscribers feel like exclusive club members and promote customer loyalty. You can communicate your flash sales with all of your customers but it’s a great idea to give your SMS subscribers a heads-up or a first look.

Very often some of your customers can be put off by the thought of a flash sale, they imagine that they will be chaotic or that everything will have sold out. It could end up being a waste of time. Why not send out VIP sales slots to your SMS customers exclusively and allow them to browse before the rest of the general public?

The promise of VIP sales slots will also encourage more customers to join your database.

If you are ready to take your summer sales to the next level, contact Text Marketer for help, guidance, and support. Get in touch today!