Black Friday SMS campaigns: A helping hand to boost your sales

With Black Friday fast approaching, consumers are feeling a frizz of excitement in anticipation for the Black Friday deals that will be available. This year many brands will be using SMS campaigns to cut through the competition and reach potential customers. If you have not used SMS marketing messages before, you might need some guidance on the best text messages to send. That’s where Text Marketer can help.

Why use an SMS marketing campaign?

SMS marketing can be used to drive growth and enhance the customer experience, all whilst streamlining your internal processes. Text messages are more personal than other marketing channels and also minimally disruptive to your customer’s day-to-day life. 

You can use SMS to boost sales instantly by reminding customers of items in their shopping cart, recommending similar services they may enjoy, and alerting them of upcoming sales or restocks.  

With an open rate of 98%, SMS is the perfect channel to interact with your subscribers. More importantly, you can personalise your texts for a friendlier interaction and segment your content so that only the relevant information reaches your target audience. By using SMS for your Black Friday marketing campaign you can send out Bulk SMS to thousands of subscribers much cheaper than by using traditional methods.

Other perks to SMS marketing are as follows:

SMS will outperform Black Friday email campaigns

We don’t want to talk email marketing down as we know that many marketers still use the channel. We just need you to know that black Friday SMS messages have a greater chance of reaching the recipient, being read and acted upon within minutes.

There is a good argument for combining both SMS and email marketing for the best results so there is room for a multimedia approach. Email is also a great place to boost SMS take-up when growing your database. There are many Black Friday email examples whereby SMS and email campaigns have been combined to complement each other.

Enjoy a better conversion rate

SMS marketing is the perfect tool for reaching customers this Black Friday, but do all messages lead to sales? Like with any other marketing method, the answer is “no”. So, you need a plan to drive conversions. Luckily, with SMS it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

SMS marketing messages enjoy click-through rates that are 15% higher than email marketing and 48% of people prefer to receive marketing communications by text to their mobile phones.

Some SMS text content to boost your conversion rate include:

  • Limited time offer – Perfect for Black Friday deals
  • Delivery deadlines – Particularly handy near Christmas
  • Click and Collect – Make purchasing decisions easier, more flexible, and can be completely managed via text.
  • Drive customers in-store – Use geographical customer data and location services to alert customers by text when near a store and send one-time in-store deals.
  • Engaging content – grab your audience’s attention with content they need to see. Consumers are ready and waiting for Black Friday deals from their favourite brands so start letting them know what they can expect. Use Black Friday subject lines. make full use of SMS as a multimedia messaging service and add images, GIFs, and emojis to add interest.
  • Automated SMS – Get a two-way conversation going with your subscribers to find out more about them or to answer their queries instantly. Don’t give them time to shop around whilst waiting to hear back from you. Keep the communication going at all times.
  • Personalisation – Use details such as the recipient’s name, date of birth, favourite products, or previous spending habits to get their attention and build a relationship.
  • Segmentation – Divide your data list according to demographics, interests, and much more to ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right consumers. You can send subscriber-specific deals based on purchasing history.
  • Timing – Make sure you are sending SMS messages at the optimum time. Between 12 pm and 3 pm is the best time to catch people but with segmenting you can tailor your timing to different groups of subscribers.

Our favourite Black Friday Text Templates

So here it is, the segment you have been waiting for, our favourite Black Friday Texts.

Keep your SMS copy clear and concise. You only have around 160 characters to work with and it’s best to get your message across within 3-4 lines, so you need to make them count. Your recipients want the gist of the message at first glance and are not interested in garbled texts. Long marketing texts are a turn-off for the reader and will defeat the object of quick marketing alerts.  

Always remember to add an opt-out option on all of your texts.  

We have a range of peak season templates in our message library, but below we have pulled together Black Friday specific text messages using a fictitious brand name “BlueBeard Gifts” :

Black Friday sales texts:

  1. This is our 3-day countdown to Black Friday 2023 at BlueBeard Gifts! Want to know what we have planned? Take a sneaky peek at our secret preview – exclusive to subscribers (Link). Reply STOP to opt-out.
  2. Hi Donna, as a subscriber you are eligible for early access to the BlueBeard Black Friday sale! Click on the link to secure your VIP slot (link). Reply STOP to opt-out.
  3. And……GO! GO! GO! Black Friday deals are officially on now at BlueBeard Gifts and you are the first to know. Hurry on over – we are ready and waiting for you! (link). Reply STOP to opt-out.
  4. Get an extra 10% off all BlueBeard Black Friday prices today only! Use code BF2023 at the checkout (link). Reply STOP to opt-out.
  5. Hey Greg, we want to give you 15% off your favourite stationery items in our Black Friday Sale for a limited time only (link to terms & conditions). Use code 15BF at the checkout (link to store). Reply STOP to opt-out.
  6. Abdulla, treat yourself in our BlueBeard Black Friday sale 2023. You won’t believe what’s included! (Link)
  7. Make your money stretch further this Christmas in our Black Friday Sale! Why pay more? Hurry, limited stock available! (Link)
  8. Free Delivery on all Black Friday purchases today only at BlueBeard Gifts. Head over to our online store now and use code BFFree at the checkout. (Link)
  9. Destiny, some of your favourite products have 50% off in our Black Friday Sale! Shhh, it’s a secret! Click the link to see what we picked out for you! (Link)
  10. Don’t tell anyone but…… we’re about to drop some major Black Friday deals early! These products won’t be in BlueBeard’s main BF sale so grab yours now while stocks last! (Link)

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