Break the one-time transaction curse using our 2024 marketing calendar

SMS marketing isn’t just about flagging customers down with promotional codes, VIP sales, and product recommendations. While those are both great ways to use SMS, we mustn’t underestimate the power of SMS marketing for injecting a little bit of personality into your communication strategy. 

Let customers get to know you better as a brand. The best brand-to-consumer relationships are born out of continued loyalty and engagement in the form of two-way communication.

So the question is, how do we get to that point? 

Well, the answer is simple. Take strides to create a more meaningful connection with your customers by reaching out to them regularly with SMS marketing campaigns that add value to your relationship. There are so many cultural, and historical celebrations that you could integrate to strengthen the foundations of your customer relationships throughout the year and not just during peak season. 

Be present and share in the fun – we’ve even done the hard work for you by putting together the ultimate marketing calendar for 2024

In this blog, we’ll explore how we would use some of the dates in this calendar as the basis of an SMS marketing campaign that will boost customer engagement and nurture brand loyalty.

4 ways to use the marketing calendar for SMS success

Veganuary and Dry January

Check in with your customers after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and encourage them to adopt more healthy habits. We’re all guilty of indulging in one too many chocolate oranges and glasses of mulled wine, so why not offer your customers some nutrient-heavy meal ideas and zero-alcohol alternatives?

‘Hey, [NAME]! How are you faring after the holidays? If you’re guilty of having one too many at NYE like us at Shop Everything, why not try out some of these delicious and veg-heavy meal ideas in honour of Veganuary? 

Meal option one: butternut squash and courgette soup [link recipe here]

Meal option two: vegan carbonara [link recipe here]

Meal option three: roast potatoes and breaded cauliflower [link recipe here]’

National Love Your Pet Day

Do you have an office mascot? Or is there that one colleague who comes to work each day equipped with adorable new photos of their furry friend? Well, National Love Your Pet Day is a great opportunity to melt your customers’ hearts with appreciation photos. It’s the perfect chance to make more natural, and meaningful connections. You could even use two-way SMS to encourage your customers to reply.

‘Happy National Love Your Pet Day! We’re very pleased to introduce you to Mittens, our little office mascot here at Retail 4 U! Are you team cat or dog? Reply with C or D and we’ll enter you into our weekly prize draw!’ 

Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month

Father’s Day is always a great opportunity to push gift ideas, but this could also be a chance to start a conversation about mindfulness and wellbeing. You could even find a way to do both. A few well-timed SMS campaigns could prompt customers to show someone that they’re appreciated. Sometimes it’s small gestures and thoughts like this that really make a difference. 

A few ideas that you could use are: 

  • Inspirational messages.
  • Prompts to check in with male friends and relatives and ask how they’re feeling.
  • Small gestures of kindness and gift ideas to show someone that they’re appreciated.

Insurance Nerd Day and Independent Retailer Month

Depending on your industry, these celebrations could be a gift for your comms strategy! 

If you’re an independent retailer or small business relating to the retail sector, this is your month to shine. You could create a month-long tailored SMS campaign that offers exclusive discounts and benefits of varying levels for customers who meet certain requirements. For example, better rewards can be available for customers who purchase once a week. Sending daily or weekly exclusive offers such as triple points, a free gift, or next-day delivery, would go a long way toward improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

‘It’s week one of Independent Retailer Month! Celebrate with us all here at Candle Lights by choosing a free gift to add to your next purchase!’

For National Insurance Nerd Day, you could create a themed educational campaign that offers customers valuable resources and information on the types of coverage that you offer. Similarly, you could offer a happy hour where coverage quotes start at a lower price point, or reward the customers who have been engaging with your text messages by giving out exclusive offer codes or similar benefits. 

‘Happy Insurance Nerd Day! If you’re not a self-confessed insurance nerd like us at Clarkwells, then fear not. Check out our survival guide to life insurance here for everything that you need to know about getting covered! There might even be a surprise for you at the end…’

Making the most of opportunity

The fresh start of a new year always provides a great chance to tweak your comms strategy and ensure that your SMS campaigns go above and beyond to nurture customer loyalty. Our fun-filled marketing calendar provides ample opportunity for reactive and proactive campaigns that allow you to check in with customers and build a connection that goes deeper than the surface transaction level. In all of the examples above, we’ve shown our fictitious brands reveal a bit of personality and open up to two-way conversations. 

If you’re looking for more ways to elevate your communication strategy ahead of peak season next year, then why not start from the very beginning with our 2024 marketing calendar?