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How care homes can use SMS to keep families updated

During this challenging time, care homes have had to stop visits in a bid to protect their residents from the coronavirus pandemic. Clearly this has been very difficult for families but thankfully, using SMS, care homes can still send loved ones updates, helping them feel connected in uncertain times.

How healthcare providers can use mobile messaging for better emergency communications

No matter the type of emergency, modern healthcare providers need to have plans in place should the worst-case scenario arrive. Here's how a mobile messaging strategy can help to get comms out to the largest amount of patients in the fastest time.

How healthcare practices can use SMS to cancel non-urgent appointments

According to the Financial Times, the NHS is about to face its largest challenge in a generation. The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented situation, and has led governments all around the world to ask the public to do their bit to…

How can technology help the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak

At Text Marketer we believe that the introduction of technology can help to support the NHS and its patients during what some are calling it's toughest challenge in a generation. Learn how different communication technology, can be used to relieve pressure on healthcare organisations.