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Unlocking retail success: the optimal timing for SMS marketing campaigns

At Text Marketer, we’ve looked through hundreds of thousands of messages and tonnes of data, to pinpoint the optimal times for retailers to send SMS marketing messages.

Use these SMS marketing tips to avoid being ghosted this Valentine’s Day

The economy of love is back and in full swing. UK businesses are gearing up for another seasonal sales rush as couples, friends, and situation-ships look for the perfect way to celebrate. But in the age of fleeting glances and short…

Bulk SMS: the gift that keeps on giving

It’s that time of year again when we’re all looking forward to a warming glass of mulled wine, and the smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. The holiday season is upon us, and businesses everywhere are focusing on the…

Best dates for sending Christmas campaigns

With brits set to spend £1,275 per head this festive season, our latest research highlights the most critical days for marketing campaigns.

Flash Sale Guide: How to run more effective summer sale campaigns

Planning your summer sale campaigns? Take a look at our 5 step guide to planning a successful flash sale

Using SMS to give your business a competitive advantage

Did you know that generally speaking most people receive on average just 178 SMS messages a month compared to an incredible 1,216 emails?  Perhaps that’s one reason why the humble SMS has such a high open-rate at 95%. Over the past…

Retail trends gaining momentum post-Covid19

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic’s impact on the retail industry was swift and significant. Consumer behaviour literally changed overnight with the government implementation of lockdown, and even now stores have reopened, retailers have a lot of work to do to reclaim the revenue…

How can grocery retailers maintain momentum post lockdown?

The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly had a major impact on British retailers, with consumer behaviour quickly changing to adapt to the new rules and regulations introduced by the UK government.  According to the Financial Times the impact on the economy of…

What can we learn from China’s retail industry

There are few industries that have been more affected by the Covid-19 outbreak than retail.  Providing 3 million UK jobs and contributing an impressive £381 billion of sales in 2018 alone, retail’s ability to bounce back post Covid-19 will play a…