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Build and buy your mobile number base...

Databases of mobile numbers, with selection criteria, are not as common as email or postal databases. There are strict rules governing marketing to mobile numbers and stiff penalities for those who break the rules. The data must be obtained from a reputable source where 3rd party opt-in is guaranteed and people on the list have given express permission for companies to send them texts.

At Text Marketer we understand this can be a real barrier for some companies so we have set up a brokering service to buy SMS lists where we only deal with companies who have proven over the years to be reputable suppliers of data.

What does it cost for a database of mobile numbers?

Because 3rd party opt-in mobile number data is very hard to come by, the costs are relatively high. Companies with this precious data don't sell it cheap!

The actual cost to buy SMS lists depends on the selection criteria complexity and the volume you are buying (the more you buy the cheaper it gets). For an average purchase you should budget for around £120 per 1000 numbers purchased. There is also an average minimum order of 2,500 (higher for some list owners).

The Text Marketer SMS Data Broker Service

To get a quotation and list count for an SMS database, you will need to send us the following information about the list you require (please remember the more complex your targeting the smaller the list size will be and the more expensive it will be).

Essential Criteria to buy SMS lists:

  • Gender
  • Location - either postcode area/s or town/s
  • Age range
  • How many numbers you want to buy

Advanced Criteria (lower counts / more expensive):

  • Income
  • Hobbies/Interests (e.g. sports, technology, gadgets)

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The Text Marketer SMS Data Broker Service

  • The average cost to buy SMS lists is around £120 per 1000 but can be as high as £200
  • The average minimum order is 2,500 numbers
  • The more data you buy up front, the cheaper it gets (per 1000)
  • Text Marketer Ltd will not be the supplier of the data. We will put you in touch directly with the company who provides the best quote from our registered list of suppliers.