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Send SMS through your website

Form2SMS is a highly configurable form script that allows you to send text messages from your website and capture mobile numbers. Send them URL's, reward schemes, product information, out of stock information - in fact, anything you want, all as a simple text message.

How it works...


Form2SMS works a lot like the email newsletter sign ups you see on websites these days, however 98% of all texts get read compared to just 22% of emails.

So simply add a little mobile sign up field on your site and start collecting your customers' data for your future offers, news, and products - simple, quick and effective.

A world of opportunity with Form 2 SMS

Form 2 SMS also stores (optionally) every single number that requests more information, automatically in your account.

The script is free to download and use – meaning you only pay for the text messages sent at our really low prices.

  • The sender ID (who the message comes from). You could use a company name or mobile number
  • The text message / information sent
  • The name of the group to add the number to for future use (or not to capture the number)
  • A redirection URL after submit or stay on the same page

Put our Form 2 SMS system to the test below

Simply enter your UK mobile number below to receive an example text

Inserting a number field on your website can produce higher interaction levels with customers meaning bigger rewards and better response rates in future campaigns.

Put the script to use…but how?

Back in stock alerts

Add the form to product pages that are out of stock. You can configure the name of the product in the script to capture in your account and when the product comes back in stock, you can select that group in your Text Marketer account and send them all a text message instantly.

A proven way to drive sales of products back in stock.

Mobile reward scheme

If you've read any of the research on text clubs, you'll know they are a great way to communicate latest offers and timely information. Add a simple mobile number form on your site for people to complete to add their number straight to your text club list.

When you have news and information, you can simply send everyone a quick text message.

Product information

Our mobile phones are where we keep so much of our information with us. Add Form2SMS to your product pages with a basic description, price, features and your company contact information. People can request this to be sent to their phones as a text message so they have the information to hand. Plus, you get to store the mobile numbers for follow up by text message, should you wish.

With many examples and ways to push information from your website onto visitors' phones, including number storage and potential for follow-ups - Form2SMS is the perfect business companion.

“Easy to use & extremely beneficial to our business”

Bulk SMS by TextMarketer review

“Quick, easy cheap and great service!”

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Don’t believe how easy it can be? Take a trial…

  • You need to open a free account with us - if you do this now you get 10 free test credits to experiment with your own form implementation
  • Login to your account and go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS | FORM2SMS here you will find the tailored form script for your account
  • Read the instructions (or send these to your web developer) about how to implement your form and the settings available. Minimal web development knowledge is required to implement this script on your website