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Sending SMS online is easy

Our online SMS messaging platform Message Box, is the simplest way to send bulk text messages through the internet, to the people who are important to you – your customers and staff.

Using our online SMS messaging platform, you can send big bulk SMS messages, SMS appointment reminders, SMS surveys and much much more. With constant updates, new tools and features, and an easy-to-use interface that fits any sized screen or device, Message Box is the perfect tool to send your SMS messages online.

Send and receive SMS online

With a Virtual Mobile Number you can send and receive text messages online, engaging in two-way conversations with customers and staff easily.

Send SMS online via an API

Use our SMS API to send automated appointment reminders, purchase and delivery notifications, promotions and much more.

“Fast, good customer service and trustworthy”

Bulk SMS by TextMarketer review

“Brilliant service, great customer support and awesome value”

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Textmarketer reviews

Online SMS platform - Message Box

The best way to send SMS online is through Message Box – Message Box requires no software and can be used through a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Message Box is packed with useful features like a URL shortener, analytics, you can schedule messages for when you are not in the office and even spread your messages over several hours - meaning less pressure on your staff or website.

Real time reporting

Message Box allows you to analyse all your SMS marketing campaigns, who received the message, who opted out, how many clicks your link got, along with many other helpful features.

Personalise messages

Personalise your messages to get an even better response rate. Message Box lets you add contact information to each customer; age, interests, location and more, meaning you can personalise each message with ease

Manage contacts

Create groups, sub groups and organise your contacts all within Message Box. You can manage all your contacts, add new customers, remove or update customers all with just a few clicks.