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Easy, affordable and effective short code SMS & keywords

You can generate eye-popping text message response rates and a mine of customer data with a keyword combined with our 88802 short code. You can even set-up auto-responses to be sent by text or email, making it even more adaptable.

We’ll even give you 1 free keyword with every new account which gives you all the features of a paid keyword (just without the choice)

So let’s choose your keyword....

Type in your desired keyword below and we can see if it’s available

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Our incredibly low prices

There are no contracts, set up fees or minimum periods. You can cancel at any time.It's a prepaid service that you pay for by credit/debit card or invoice.

We offer 3 types of keyword...

  • Product
  • Price
  • Standard keyword

    Any word you chooseExample: HOTEL, DONATE, OFFER

  • £25 +VAT a month

  • Value keyword

    Any word with number in frontExample: 2HOTEL, 4DONATE, 6OFFER

  • £5 +VAT a month

  • Free keyword

    Free with every accountExample: HGFB, BDTY, CRDKER

  • Free

  • Automated text responses
  • 3.6p per text +VAT

  • Company Name
  • Set up Fee
  • Monthly cost
    per Keyword
  • SMS & Email
    • Text Marketer (free keyword)

    • Free
    • Free
    • Green tick icon
    • Text Marketer (value keyword)

    • Free
    • £5
    • Green tick icon
    • Text Marketer (any other keyword)

    • Free
    • £25
    • Green tick icon
    • Intellisoftware
    • Free
    • £25
    • Red cross icon
    • Kapow
    • £50
    • £50
    • Red cross icon
    • Red SMS
    • £50
    • £50
    • Red cross icon
    • Text Anywhere
    • £29
    • £29
    • Red cross icon
  • Special free easy to use features
  • Text auto-response

    Auto-respond by text and by email as well if you wish.

  • Email routing

    Send all incoming texts to either single or multiple email addresses.

  • Highly Memorable Short Code

    Our short code 88802 is perfect for TV, print and radio campaigns.

  • Set up an automated campaign

    Up to 8 further SMS auto-responses over a timed period.

  • Generate a better ROI

    Expect uplift in response of around 20% on your advertising.

  • Capture customer and prospect data

    Build a prospect database for your business.

  • Rapid set up

    Set up instantly online, in your account.

  • Highly flexible terms

    No lengthy contracts or set up fees. Cancel whenever you wish.

  • Transparent reporting

    All text responses can be viewed live and downloaded from a web-based Text Marketer account.

  • Integration with an application

    Text responses can also be posted to a URL of your choice (advanced option).

“User-friendly system with great support”

Bulk SMS by TextMarketer review

“Brilliant service, great customer support and awesome value”

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Textmarketer reviews

The how and the why of keywords & short codes…

By setting up your account with a keyword or short code you can expect to uplift your response rates by up to 20% or more. Use in a variety of applications whether in-store, online or even by social media.

With three types of keyword available on our short code there’s something for everyone. Get started now…

  • Check if your keyword is available above
  • Sign up for your free account...
  • ...then add your keyword to your account - it’s as easy as that!