Send emergency communications using SMS

Deliver critical updates to staff and customers
Ensure your business can respond to emergencies, day and night, by using our powerful web-SMS platform.

How to send emergency SMS communications

An external crisis can affect your business at any time. With our SMS platform, you can react to any emergency situation with just a few clicks.

  1. Click ‘Manage Contacts’
  2. Add new group
  3. Import contacts
  4. Click ‘New Message’
  5. Input your message
  6. Send now

Key features of Text Marketer’s Message Box

  • Enhanced Analytics
    Download and export reports on; sends, responses, failed numbers, API sends, URL clicks and more.
  • Automated SMS Responses
    Set up automated SMS responses to your keywords or when someone texts you.
  • Tracked URL Shorten
    Track exactly who has clicked your shorten URL link, when they clicked, how many times and on what device.
  • Easily Manage Contacts
    Easily upload contacts in bulk. Create sub groups and segment your data ready for your SMS campaigns.
  • Create SMS Web Pages
    Create specifically designed web pages for your SMS campaigns
  • Sub Accounts
    Create and manage sub accounts, transfer credits between sub accounts or purchase per account.
  • SMS Surveys
    Create, manage, and send multiple surveys via SMS. Export data and see your answers easily.
  • Schedule or Spread Sends
    Schedule your sends for when you are not in or spread your SMS campaigns so your phone lines or website don’t crash.
  • Purchase Credits Online
    Purchase SMS credits, keywords, and virtual mobile numbers all in your account – secure payment.
  • Personalise Messages
    Personalise your message to your customers with their name, previous purchase, interests and more.

What are you waiting for?

See how SMS can work for you in just a few minutes.
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