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Our Gateway is a powerful & flexible HTTP/S API or SMPP SMS Gateway that allows you to send & receive SMS messages from any software, application, server or website.


Text Marketer’s SMS Gateway

Text Marketer’s SMS Gateway is free to set up and there are no monthly fees.

Low SMS Rates - Very low SMS prices using the highest quality UK networks. Compare our prices with the rest of market.


Simple hassle-free integration

Access to our sample code which provides code examples to aid integration. Larger senders can use our SMPP Gateway.

SMS Gateway API

View sms gateway integration options and sample code

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3. Once you’ve finished testing and are happy, login to your account and add more credits.


SMS Gateway Resources:

Simple SMS Gateway API documentation and code examples

RESTful SMS Gateway documentation and code examples

SMS Gateway help centre

Developers help area for our SMS Gateways


What some of our clients say...

Text Marketer Clients

“This is so easy to use, we got up and running in 5 minutes.”

Sales increased by 32% using this sms service”

“Low priced and incredibly efficient

Independent Reviews

 “Excellent Product, Support, Documentation and Price”

Really impressed with the whole package, after looking at a few alternatives for integrating SMS to web projects, I found this by the documented API and was up and running very quickly. The customer service has been first class too. Real value for money.

 “5 Star value for money”

Simple as anything to sign up, great current promotion on, and the cheapest I found for this service. Can access from anywhere as your account is through the web. It also has the functionality to schedule messages, so you can have them all set up and sent whenever you want them to.

 “Suits our needs perfectly”

Text Marketer certainly live up to their tag line of them delivering and us saving. As well as this, they also deliver first class customer service to their clients. I highly recommend them.

 5 star service by Text Marketer

 5 star service by Text Marketer

 5 star service by Text Marketer

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Get started today and you’ll have your first message sent in minutes

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Many companies are now integrating the sending of texts into their own systems and apps using an SMS gateway. So rather than using a stand-alone SMS tool which requires you to login and upload mobile data, the SMS Gateway allows you to automate the sending of texts.

This is a far more flexible way of using SMS as a communication channel because it allows you to send texts based on an event or trigger. It's also far easier to merge data so that you deliver personalised texts rather than everyone getting the same content.

Using an SMS Gateway, customers will receive far richer, more personal texts that can be timed far more accurately. While undoubtedly it will take you longer to set up and configure, the benefits in improved communication will be well worth the extra effort.


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