Text Marketer short code / txtUs API options


The keyword on your system (on short code 88802) or your txtUs number can be used to “route” incoming texts to your account and optionally respond with a message “thanks for entering our competition” etc, (this form of communication is known as text response).
You can also configure your account to trigger a response when an incoming message is received, you can then use this to communicate with your scripts (via a HTTP GET request) or Email.

API Format

The parameters passed on our API to your script are:

  • number
  • message
  • network (short code only)

If you wish to pass extra parameters on the url then you need to add & at the end of your url. This tells us not to append the ?
For example: https://www.mydomain.com/your-script.php?myvar=one&mysecondvar=two&
Maps to https://www.mydomain.com/your-script.php?myvar=one&mysecondvar=two&number=4477777777&message=keyword+and+some+other+text&network=ORANGEUK
If you dont need to do this then it’s just the domain and script name we need:
For example: https://www.mydomain.com/your-script.php
Maps to https://www.mydomain.com/your-script.php?number=4477777777&message=keyword+and+some+other+text&network=ORANGEUK

E-mail Format

E-mail can be sent to one or more recipients and is just a plain text (as opposed to html e-mail). The message will be from “<mobile number>@textmarketer.biz”. To send emails to more than one person separate the email addresses with commas (multiple emails not available on the txtUs product).
Example Message from the short code service
From: 44777777777
Full Message: Demo
Network: O2
Processed On: 22-05-11 11:32
Time Stamp: 1242988324
You can reply to this person by text. Simply hit reply to the email, type the message you want to send and then ## at the end. All the text up to the ## will be sent back to this person’s mobile instantly.


You can set the Auto Response message and API / E-mail settings using your account. Log in to your account, select  “Incoming SMS”  top level menu, then select “Change ReplySettings” from the sub menu and click Edit next to the keyword.
To change the settings on your txtUs number, click Edit next to the number on the same screen.