The Sender ID – Can I set the sender name, who the message is from?

You can also set the sender name for your campaign; this is who the message is from and appears on the recipients’ phone as the message header.

You can set the sender name or ID in two main ways;

1. As a full telephone number. For example 01179992299 or 0700099999 is fine. If you use a mobile number (for example yours or an office mobile number) then people will be able to reply to this number in the normal way. (It is essential to set the sender id as a number if you are going to send bulk sms to landline numbers).

2. As ‘text’. For example your company name. This means if we set it as “Company X”, this would appear as the ‘sender’ in recipients’ inboxes on their phone. IMPORTANT: It is a maximum of 11 characters (including spaces or special characters) if you use text/alphanumeric.
In your account, go to Send SMS – Default Sender ID.  Click in the sender window and type the sender name and press the submit button.