Deleting a number or numbers from a group

Deleting one or many mobile numbers from groups in your Text Marketer system is very straightforward.

Go to Groups | Remove Numbers on the menu and then you’ll see a box. Enter the number or numbers you want to remove there (if there are multiple numbers, please separate them with a new line – i.e. a single column of numbers) then either click ‘find’ if you just want to see if they exist in your groups or ‘delete’ to delete from all groups. The number/s will be deleted from all groups in your system (except your stop list).
Should you wish to also delete numbers from the stop list, simply tick the box next to the numbers box that says ‘also remove from stop list’.
We recommend you search for the number in its full international format, e.g. 447…… not just 07…… – this is because the number could potentially exist in that format if it has been collected using the incoming SMS features.