Shortcode Services

The best Shortcode Services?

We tend to think of premium rate when we think of Shortcode Services but their biggest use now is for advertising response or competitions which are non chargeable.

Probably some of the most famous uses (or infamous depending on your point of view!) are TV shows like the X Factor where you’re asked to text a 5 digit shortcode, starting your message with the word ‘vote’ and then a, b or c for example.

These are call ‘shared shortcode services’. Where a company such as us, pays the large monthly fees for a 5 digit shortcode – ours is 88802 – and then rents keywords on that shortcode for a much smaller fee.

We actually include a free keyword with every account on our shortcode, 88802 so you can fully test the system before you buy a more relevant keyword for your business. Customers often choose their business name for example.
You can choose from 2 lowest-cost choices with Text Marketer’s Shortcode Services;

Standard Keyword (any word e.g hotel, donate.) £25.00 + VAT per month
Value Keyword (any word starting with a number e.g 4hotel, 2donate) £5.00 + VAT per month

Features include;
autorespond by text message and/or email, log all the responses, have responses emailed to you live and up to 8 timed text autoresponders.

You can have as many keywords in your account as you wish. Many agencies use our system to manage multiple campaigns for their clients. Everything is set up instantly online, in your account. There are no lengthy contracts and you simply pay each month as you go for your keywords. Cancel at any time.

Now there’s a fresh approach.