Turn website traffic into customers with SMS sign up fields

Loyalty and reward schemes within mobile marketing are becoming more and more popular, but why?
Businesses prefer them due to their high response rates and low cost while consumers choose to opt into them to reduce any chances of missing a message, or a good deal – a real win win then…

98% of all text messages get read compared to only 22% of emails
Frost & Sullivan 

A while ago we talked about the power a magic little keyword can have, in this post our focus is on the power our simple yet effective Form2SMS sign up field does have.
A Form2SMS field placed on your website makes it easy for your customer to provide their mobile number, you to collect their data and all while automatically texting them a message. The text message can be anything you choose and the field can be placed anywhere on your site.
If you sell products on your website and an item is out of stock, consider adding a Form2SMS field allowing customers to sign up and receive a text message when the product is back in – the message could have a URL link to that particular product page allowing them to purchase straight away. Even more reason for the customer to be loyal to your brand.
Form2SMS,Data captura,Retail mobile marketing,business SMS
While useful for updates, the Form2SMS function also works well to enable customers to sign up to your mobile marketing campaigns and loyalty schemes.
A popular practice with many of our customers is to place the Form2SMS field in the footer of websites or more prominently in the sign up section of a homepage or contact page.
Form2SMS,retail mobile marketing,business SMS,data capture
As mobile reward schemes begin to gain more momentum and more of a place in online browsing, introducing one to your customers will incentivise their continued loyalty to your brand. Send offers, deals, updates and news all by SMS and your business will soon be pinching itself in disbelief as its mobile number database grows as well as the responses from your messages.
Head over to our Form2SMS page now, enter your mobile number and see how quickly and effectively it works.