10 amazing marketing stats for 2016

Amazing marketing stats 2016

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Now 2015 was one hell of a year for businesses and marketing, but it was an even bigger year for the mighty mobile – and an incredibly busy one at that!
Our love and lust for our mobile phones is leading to a shift in how businesses market and advertise themselves, and 2015 seemed to be the tipping point as mobile marketing overtook most of its adversaries.

It has become the go-to device for most of our daily needs and functions, from our time keeper to calculator, right through to bank manager and personal shopping assistant – and it seems that every day a new function is added that can help us with our chores or life tasks.

It is not only it’s importance in our lives that has lead the mobile phone to become the ruler of the marketing and advertising platforms, but its convenience. We all like convenience. Why go into a bank and queue to see a bank assistant behind a glass pane, when you can sit on your sofa with a hot cuppa and access your bank account, transfer money or make payments at the touch of a button on your mobile.

Or why get in your car and drive to the shops when you can shop on the porcelain throne…

75% of Americans use their smartphones while in the bathroom, with iPhone users 12% more likely to make a purchase whilst sitting on the throne

So when your customer is playing on their mobile throughout the day, they could be shopping, banking, emailing, ringing, texting and arranging appointments all on their smartphones… Why would a business advertise and market themselves on anything else?

It’s this thinking that has led to more and more businesses, brands and companies to sign up with Text Marketer – and their responses, sales, and feedback from their mobile exploits have been fantastic.

They all can’t seem to get enough of Text Marketer and our wonderful mobile marketing platform.