Top 10 SMS marketing blogs of 2017

Wow, what a year that was – 2017 was a huge year for the mighty mobile phone and it looks like there is no stopping it as it continues to grow into 2018.

Back in November 2017, during the Black Friday week, the mobile phone outperformed the desktop computer and every other device used by consumers for online shopping, with a whopping 41% using a mobile phone compared to a desktop computer at 38%.

That is just one of the stats that shows how much mobile phones have grown and we hope that 2017 was as successful for you, as it was for the mobile phone – and hopefully, SMS gave a helping hand in that success.

Throughout 2017 we posted a load of helpful blogs, including handy guides, tips and examples, promoting our amazing deals, like our Black Friday 20% deal, all the way through to how SMS marketing can help businesses grow and make more money.

Below we have put together a list of our 10 most popular SMS posts from 2017, so have a look at what you guys have been reading over the year and either read them again or see what popular posts you may have missed.

1. Examples of SMS marketing messages
At the number 1 spot was our post back in February with example SMS messages and the different areas that these messages could be used in. With examples of marketing messages, booking appointments, taking payments and many more – this one took the top spot by storm.
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2. 8 amazing Black Friday retail tips
For Black Friday this year we posted our 8 top tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday, and wow it looks like you took it on board because this year was the biggest Black Friday yet. With records being smashed left, right and center, and all with a big helping hand from the mobile phone and our blog of course.
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3. The best time to send retail SMS marketing messages
Just sneaking into the top 3 was our research blog. We undertook a huge research project, looking at data from all different retailers to find out when the best times in the day, best days in the week and the different periods in the year retailers are sending SMS messages.

The findings were new and interesting to us and it also seems you guys liked it and hopefully took advantage of it.
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4. Our amazing analytics just got even better – with tracked URL clicks!
One of our new features we added into Message Box was the Tracked URL Shorten feature. And it had you guys rushing to your Message Box account and sending messages to your customers.

In case you missed it, our Tracked URL Shorten feature you can track exactly who clicked your URL link, what time the clicked it and if they clicked it multiple times – perfect for a follow-up call or message.
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amazing analytics

5. Email vs SMS marketing. Let the battle commence…
Back in 2015, we had a look at the facts and figures of SMS and email marketing and which came out on top. With 2 years having passed, we took another look at the figures to see if anything had changed – SMS was still number 1.
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Email vs SMS

6. Text Marketer brings you Message Box 2 – business mobile marketing made easy
Message Box is our online SMS platform and back in January we released a new fresh looking and easier to use version – and you loved it.
As soon as it was released it was a huge hit, with a simplified home screen, improved security, re-sizing to fit any screen/device and many more updates and upgrades, it has massively improved and helped customers send SMS messages, quicker and easier.
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Message Box 2

7. 7 amazing marketing stats for 2017
We predicted the mobile phone would rule in 2017 and we took our favourite 7 stats to showcase the power of the mobile phone and why businesses should be using it in 2017.
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8. Cilento Designer Wear see big results from SMS marketing in-store and online
Nothing speaks more volume of how good a product or service is than a review. And in this case, a case study from the guys over at Cliento Designer Wear saw you guys flock to the page to read how they use SMS and what they get out of it.
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9. Example SMS marketing messages for retail
After the huge response we got from our post, that is ranked at number 1, Examples of SMS marketing messages, we decided to give you even more examples but this time specifically for retailers, with over 20 example SMS messages for different scenarios.
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10. Valentine’s day 2017 stats
With love on the horizon, back in early February, we created a blog and an infographic with some fun stats on Valentine’s day. Who spends more, men or women? When do certain demographics look to purchase their loved ones a special gift, and much more.
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Well, it is always nice to finish on a loving note, and we hoped all our 2017 blogs, and not just those above, have helped you in some way – and remember, keep an eye out for all our exciting blogs and updates in 2018.