Ghostly good business – SMS marketing templates for Halloween and Bonfire Night

Halloween is creeping in, and Bonfire Night is right around the corner. These upcoming events are golden opportunities for UK retailers, especially when you consider the major shopping events like Black Friday, Christmas, and January sales that follow.

Us Brits may not celebrate Halloween in the same way as our overseas cousins in the US, but the Halloween holidays are undoubtedly not to be missed by retailers across the UK.

With Halloween spending in the UK expected to surpass £770 million in 2023, it’s time to consider how you can make the most of this growing opportunity with SMS marketing. And that’s exactly why we’ve provided a few text templates to give you a head start.

  1. Spooky contest alerts

Engaging your audience with a spooky contest can be a fun way to interact with your customers. Send out an SMS inviting them to participate and win exciting prizes. For example:

“👻 Ready to test your spooky knowledge? Participate in our Halloween Trivia Contest and answer hauntingly fun questions for a chance to win a £100 gift card. Enter here: [link]”

  1. Exclusive flash sales

Consider running exclusive flash sales leading up to Halloween or Bonfire Night. SMS is a great way to create a sense of urgency and excitement among your customers. You could send messages like:

“Hurry! Our Halloween Flash Sale is on! Enjoy 25% off all spooky decorations until midnight tonight. Shop now: [website link]”

Here are a few more SMS templates you can use to drive engagement:

For Halloween:
“👻 Unmask the savings this Halloween! Use code SPOOKY20 for 20% off your entire order at [website link]. Offer expires 31st October. Shop now!”
For Bonfire Night:
“🎇 Light up Bonfire Night with our fireworks collection! Get a FREE pack of sparklers with every purchase over £50. Visit [website link] today!”

Expanding beyond retail

Halloween and Bonfire Night aren’t just about selling products; they also present opportunities for businesses beyond retail.

  1. Service-based businesses: Service-based businesses, like spas or pet groomers, can get in on the action too. Send SMS offers like:

“🧖‍♀️ Treat yourself this Halloween with our exclusive spa package. Book now and receive a free pumpkin facial mask! [link]”

  1. Restaurant promotion for Halloween: If you own a restaurant, you can use SMS marketing to promote special Halloween offers:

“🎃 Get into the Halloween spirit with us! Join our spooky feast with eerie delights and creepy cocktails. Book your table now and receive a complimentary ‘Witch’s Brew’ cocktail. [link]”

  1. Charity and giving back for Halloween: Demonstrate your commitment to the community and charity during Halloween:

“👻 This Halloween, we’re giving back to our community! Join us in collecting costumes and treats for local kids in need. Drop off your donations at our store before October 25th and help make this Halloween a little brighter for everyone.”

Ready to get started with your Halloween SMS campaign?

Ensure that you’ve seamlessly integrated both Halloween and Bonfire Night into your SMS marketing strategy, and use these templates for a helping hand. New to SMS? Then simply start your free trial with Text Marketer today.