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Protecting yourself against coronavirus SMS scams

Unfortunately there have already been over 500 COVID-19 related scams in the UK alone. To help, we've detailed are some practical tips to help you identify legitimate messages.

Why SMS should form part of local governments’ emergency communication strategy

From road closures and health alerts to adverse weather warnings and protest notifications, local authorities face a multitude of threats which require emergency comms for staff and residents. Here's how a mobile messaging strategy can help to get messages out to the largest audience in the fastest time.

How local authorities can help manage the COVID-19 crisis through effective communication

It is vital that governments lead the way with effective communication in times of crisis. Both tone and content are important considerations and getting this balance right was what led Italy to report a developed attitude of awareness amongst citizens. See our tips below for timely, accurate and transparent risk communication.

Best practice guide: Creating a business continuity plan

Put simply, a business continuity plan (BCP) ensures a company can continue to function as normal in the event of a disaster. In this post, we detail 6 steps your company can follow to create your own BCP.

SMS Web Pages Guide – The perfect landing page

Our new service SMS Web Pages is causing a huge stir in the business marketing world, easy to use, low cost and massively effective… Grabbing huge response rate numbers for customers – it’s no wonder why people are loving it! Sending…

Mobile Marketing – A beginners guide

This mobile marketing guide is for everyone who is about to take their first steps along the mobile marketing path and needs a bit of guidance. For those who haven’t started your mobile marketing adventure or feel mobile marketing isn’t for…