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Unlocking the power of Text Marketing for UK Bank Holidays 2023

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Black Friday, seasonal holidays present a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their profits. But did you know that Bank Holidays can also be just as lucrative? This year in the UK we have a bumper…

How marketers are putting 6 text message best practices to work for outstanding results

Why use text marketing campaigns? Savvy marketers know that text marketing campaigns are the way to get noticed in a sea of traditional marketing communications. What makes them think that text messages are the answer? Since the pandemic there has been…

Best dates for sending Christmas campaigns

With brits set to spend £1,275 per head this festive season, our latest research highlights the most critical days for marketing campaigns.

How the travel industry can use SMS reminders to stay safe this summer

The challenges faced by the travel and tourism industry under the current restrictions have been significant, and are likely to resonate for years to come. Now more than ever, people are aching to get away from their everyday lives and head…

Four ways youth groups, sports clubs, and small communities can leverage the power of SMS messaging.

Sophisticated digital communication channels can sometimes seem out of reach for small organisations and sports clubs. SMS creates a level playing field for everyone.

Flash Sale Guide: How to run more effective summer sale campaigns

Planning your summer sale campaigns? Take a look at our 5 step guide to planning a successful flash sale

Rise of the staycation: Holiday minus the quarantine

It’s important businesses feeling the impact of reduced international travellers are able to attract domestic guests. So, below we have pulled together some tips on how to attract staycationers.

Marketing campaigns of lockdown: The good, the bad and the ugly

3 examples we believe truly represent the good, the bad and the ugly of marketing campaigns from during lockdown, and what we can learn from each one.

Using SMS to enhance back-to-business for hairdressers and barbers

Hairdressers and barber shops were among the businesses to close their doors on March 23rd 2020, when lockdown in the UK officially began. That was over 14 weeks ago and with the search term ‘DIY haircut’ soaring in google search trends…