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PHP Classes

Are you a developer wanting to use our SMS API? We even work with PHP.

Multithreading PHP for sending SMS

On occasion we need to control a PHP script from a single script but...

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Using our short code and gateway APIs to create a game

The Concept To create an interactive game using Text Messaging and to show how easy it is to create interactive experiences using your Text Marketer Account. The example uses both our...

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PHP 5 Delivery Report Helper Class for our SMS Gateway

Class Name: ProcessDeliveryReport This class enables you to access your delivery reports in a nice simplified way. You can search for the outcome of a message for a given number, specify the...

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PHP 5 SMS Send Class implementing listeners on our SMS Gateway

Class Name: SendSMSNotifier This class is designed around the FREE Text Marketer SMS API, you need to sign up here to use it. SendSMSNotifier is a singleton class design, incorporating...

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