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Our ever growing collection of free SMS marketing eBooks

We try to be as helpful and as informative as we can to help you along your SMS journey, so, we've generated some helpful eBooks jam-packed full of little tips and bits of advice we’ve learnt over the years - we simply try to help you get the best possible results from SMS.

Here's our growing collection of informative eBooks:

Text Marketer Bulk SMS Instructions Manual

Your instructional manual

A short and sweet, easy to follow instructional manual to get you up and running

Text Marketer SMS Guide

The complete retail SMS marketing guide

A helpful guide for all retailers using SMS. With helpful tips like the best time to send, what not to do, and example SMS messages

Text Marketer Surveus

SMS surveys - the only way to get feedback

A quick guide filled with tips and examples of SMS surveys

Why you should be using mobile marketing

Why you should be using mobile marketing

A simple guide on why your business should be using mobile marketing.

Text Marketer Bulk SMS Instructions Manual

How to collect your customers' data

A quick and helpful guide full of great tips on how to collect your customers' data

How and why the recruitment sector is using mobile marketing

How the recruitment sector is using SMS

Great tips and example messages for recruiters to be sending

Mobile marketing guide

Mobile Marketing Guide

A quick introduction guide to Mobile Marketing and sending out your first campaign.

Retail and mobile marketing - The perfect fit

Retail & Mobile Marketing - the perfect fit

A quick guide into mobile marketingfor the retail sector

Mobile marketing and fast food

Fast Food Sector FREE E-book

A guide to SMS Marketing in the Fast Food Industry free E-book.

Seven deadly sins of mobile marketing

The 7 deadly sins of Mobile Marketing

Our hugely popular 'SMS Marketing sins to avoid' free E-book.

Bespoke mobile journeys

Bespoke mobile journeys

A little information pack on how and why mobile journeys can help your business

Five reasons why your mobile marketing stinks

Why Your Mobile Marketing Stinks

A short and snappy guide to why your mobile marketing strategy isn't working

Six myths of mobile marketing

Six Myths of Mobile Marketing

The world of mobile marketing is steeped in myth and legend

Guide to success in mobile marketing

Guide to success in Mobile Marketing

A free guide to success in SMS Marketing for all businesses large and small (extended version).

10 steps to mobile marketing nirvana

Ten Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana

The path to Mobile Marketing Nirvana is long and twisted. Our short eBook gives you a guiding hand.

Why is your business in danger

Why your business is in danger

A quick ebook about how and why you need to make your business mobile

Fancy sharing? We love to hear new ideas…

We are aiming to increase our range of text marketing eBooks all the time. The help and advice they can provide to mobile marketers can be invaluable in avoiding common mistakes in SMS campaigns.

If you have any ideas for text marketing ebooks, please do let us know and we'll try our best to get them added to the series.

Also have a look at our collection of infographics - we think they’re rather good