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Banksy – ‘Modern Love’

April 16th, 2014

The famous graffiti artist has produced another fantastic piece titled ‘Modern Love’ and it’s a big favorite here in the office already. The couple are seen embracing whilst looking over each other’s shoulders at their true modern love - the mobile phone. It was painted on the door of a

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Managing sub-accounts couldn’t be easier

April 15th, 2014

Over the years we’ve managed to attract many customers that have multiple branches, departments or shops. So we have developed a system to make central management from a master account

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Is the mobile phone the new BFF?

April 15th, 2014

The mobile phone has changed the way we work, live and play. It goes everywhere we go and leaving home without it can be a disaster. In fact, 66% of people

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Mobile Marketing and Mainline Menswear – the perfect fit

April 11th, 2014

Retail and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand and Mainline Menswear are reaping the rewards. Mainline Menswear launched in 2002 and

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The social media new boys

April 7th, 2014

Facebook and Twitter are the established players in social media but there are some new kids on the block which have them looking over their shoulders. Snapchat is an app which

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How to attract Mr. Right

March 25th, 2014

There was a time when men didn’t shop or ask for directions. The stereotypical man has changed and so has the way we market to them. The ‘metrosexual’ male has given

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Raising an invoice and managing credits

March 24th, 2014

Adding and managing credits with messagebox is simple, quick and easy. Simply click on the ‘Financial’ button on the 'Main Menu'.

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The beautiful money making game

March 19th, 2014

As the TV adverts and new shirt releases will tell you - the FIFA World Cup is on the horizon. Brazil as host nation will add a little extra buzz

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How to treble your wages in 3 easy steps

March 10th, 2014

Well that title made you click didn’t it. In this busy world you have to grab people’s attention to make them listen or read what you have to say. This goes

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93% rise in web traffic thanks to Text Marketer

March 5th, 2014

There’s nothing we like to see more here at Text Marketer than stats and feedback from customers on their mobile marketing exploits. Mainline Menswear is a fashion retailer that opened

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Social Media in a Nutshell

February 14th, 2014

Social media is not just about keeping in touch with friends or posting photos of your lunch, it’s business - big business. However, having a profile on every social media platform

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The machines are taking over the world

January 31st, 2014

It seems that this is the time of year for posts and articles published about “The future of...’ or ‘Trends for 2014’. They can make for very interesting reading and

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89% of us have PPV Syndrome and we don’t even know it

January 22nd, 2014

Don’t worry there is no need to phone your loved ones or start writing your will just yet.

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The future of business communication

January 13th, 2014

I am sure right now at this very moment there is someone writing a horrid review about a company or person on the internet, for how we talk and engage

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Boxing Day 2013 Stats

January 6th, 2014

The dust has settled, all the presents are now unwrapped, dirty dishes fill the sink, and there is only the coffee chocolates left in the bowl, that means only one

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