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Retail SMS Marketing

SMS marketing advice, guidance and posts just for retailers to help with all your SMS marketing endeavours.

The complete retail SMS marketing guide

Retailers listen up – we have put together a very special all in one SMS marketing guide just for you. We have already created 3 posts on this and along...

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Example SMS marketing messages for retail

William Shakespeare, Roald Dahl, and Jane Austen have never had a problem creating amazing content. If alive today they would probably be the best people to talk to about the...

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Retail dos and don’ts of SMS marketing

Do this . . . don’t do that . . . a phrase we are sure you have heard over the years, and unfortunately, we are going to say it...

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The best time to send retail SMS marketing messages

Retailers use SMS marketing in many ways, but the number one way that retailers use SMS is to promote and sell their products. SMS marketing is low cost...

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