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All SMS Gateway Documentation

Articles about using our SMS Gateway API to integrate Bulk SMS into your website, application or software.

PHP 5 SMS Send Class implementing listeners on our SMS Gateway

Class Name: SendSMSNotifier This class is designed around the FREE Text Marketer SMS API, you need to sign up here to use it. SendSMSNotifier is a singleton class design, incorporating...

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Using the SMS Gateway API, Automating Delivery Report Collection

This blog post has been superseded with our website documentation Introduction If you are using the API / Gateway to send bulk SMS you can collect your delivery reports from the server, which is...

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Text Marketer short code / txtUs API options

Introduction The keyword on your system (on short code 88802) or your txtUs number can be used to "route" incoming texts to your account and optionally respond with a message...

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How to integrate our SMS Gateway API into your systems

Introduction Adding SMS as a communication method to a system is often very useful, for instance you don't have issues with spam filtering, it doesn't require the person to make an...

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SMS Gateway API – Specification

This blog post has been superseded with our website documentation It is recommended that you use the  RESTful version of the API which has largely superseded this document (you can do more with it). However if...

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