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SMS Providers

Practical advice when it comes to choosing an SMS Provider

Playing spot the difference with SMS providers

We work hard and stay humble here at TM, but every now again there’s nothing wrong...

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99% of Mobile Apps Only Get Used Once

Can this really be true? This is a figure produced by BlackBerry recently that underlines the sad truth that most of the 200,000 available apps are rubbish. The surprising nugget of...

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6 Questions To Ask Your Bulk SMS Software Supplier

If only sourcing the right SMS software company was as easy as finding the lowest price and signing up. As usual, it's a little bit more...

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SMS Dominance to Continue

The popularity of sms messaging will continue for the foreseeable future according to a new report. The report, released by consulting firm Frost and Sullivan reveals that additional features of...

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Police Force use Text Response in Recruitment Drive

Thames Valley Police are using Text Marketer again to help with their recruitment. This campaign is about attracting suitable candidates who...

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SMS Gateway Reliability – The Chain is Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

Most bulk SMS providers, (including ourselves) will take great pains to point out the merits of direct connections to the UK Networks, and a direct connection is indeed essential for...

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Is there such a thing as ‘quality’ in Bulk SMS?

There are a vast number of different 'gateways' that bulk SMS service providers can use to connect to the UK networks. Reliability of these services varies enormously and they support a...

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