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Online Texting Service

The best Online Texting Service Text Marketer’s online texting service has been around since 1999. In technology terms, that’s quite a while!We think it’s great but we would say that…

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SMS Dominance to Continue

The popularity of sms messaging will continue for the foreseeable future according to a new report. The report, released by consulting firm Frost and Sullivan reveals that additional features of…

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The Onward March of SMS

6 or 7 seven years ago, most industry pundits were predicting that the meteoric rise of sms messaging as a communication tool, would have levelled off by 2010 and would…

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How to use an SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway is extremely powerful indeed. It allows companies to connect to our systems and send out messages 1 at a time. Although this sounds a bit old-fashioned in…

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