Short Code SMS

How to use SMS shortcodes in your mobile marketing campaigns with Text Marketer.

Redbox DVD Rentals Soar with Integrated SMS Campaign

How effective can a simple Shortcode SMS Promotion be? Redbox has seen huge success...

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Receiving the short code incoming SMS to your mobile

Route incoming keyword SMS's to your mobile A new feature added to the Text Marketer keyword/shortcode system today. You can now have all incoming responses to a keyword on 88802 forwarded...

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Mobile Marketing – Fight The Flab – Text FFIT to 88802

'Football Fans in Training' (FFIT) is an imaginative men's health initiative that will see top flight football clubs help Scottish...

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How Much Does It Cost to Send a Text to 88802 or a TxtUs Number?

How much does it cost someone to send a text to 88802? It will cost them one text at their normal network rate. What exactly that is will depend...

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SMS Response for Political Campaigning

The political parties are busy trying to get us excited about the upcoming AV referendum. I'm not sure they're succeeding very well and most commentators anticipate a low turnout. There are...

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Short Code for SMS

Using Short Code SMS In the UK, sending an SMS to a short code usually involves a 5 digit number, such as 88888 or alike. Most people use short code SMS as...

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