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SMS Campaign Watch

Campaign watch casts a critical eye over consumer text response campaigns

Mobile Marketing – The Relentless March of the Pointless QR Code

We had a meeting the other day at the excellent Mall pub overlooking...

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SMS Campaign Watch – Macleans Text to win Competition

This is the latest in our blog series, taking a critical look at consumer text response campaigns. The idea is to mark them on how they perform on a series...

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Mobile Marketing – Relief as Bannatynes Includes SMS Opt Out

In a previous post we had a little moan about Bannatyne's Gym. Lapsed customers were kept being sent mobile marketing text messages to try and tempt them back. Now there is...

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SMS Campaign Watch – Part 2. Frijj Text to Win Competition

Slightly later than planned, this is the second part of our blog series looking at consumer text response campaigns (following on from ...

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SMS Campaign Watch – Part 1. 7UP Text to Win Competition

This is the first in a series of blog posts looking at current on-pack SMS based promotions. Casting a critical eye, from the consumer's perspective, campaigns will be rated on...

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Mobile Marketing – Volvo S60 Text Response – Blink and You’ll Miss It

I noticed that Volvo have got a new TV campaign out, selling their new s60 model. The idea of the ad is to talk you through all...

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How Not to Run a Text to Win Competition by Coca-Cola. Part 2.

Since my last rather scathing report of Coke's text to win competiton in April, I've been keeping a close watch on their latest competitions...

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How Not to Run a Text to Win Competition. By Coca-Cola.

Sorry Coke. I know it has become the norm to have a pop at large consumer brands, but honestly, if you're going to run a text to win competition, at...

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