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Competitive Pricing Tempts Software Developers to Text Marketer’s SMS API

I think we've all got a bit bored about everyone droning about the recession and how tough it's going to be. However, the reality is that for many companies, if you...

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Web SMS Service

SMS Applications Are Evolving When most people think of how their business might use a web sms service, they think of using it a marketing tool,...

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SMS Dominance to Continue

The popularity of sms messaging will continue for the foreseeable future according to a new report. The report, released by consulting firm Frost and Sullivan reveals that additional features of...

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Red Bull Use Text Marketer SMS service for Staff Alerts

Energy drink company Red Bull is using Text Marketer's bulk sms service to keep field-based staff in...

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Text Marketer Launches SMS for Schools

Text Marketer has launched SMS for Schools, a low cost sms communication service for UK schools and colleges. The new text system offers schools the highest quality sms service at the...

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How can you benefit from our free SMS keyword and shortcode text response system?

Ever seen a TV Ad' that says, "Text BROCHURE to 69888 for more details"? Why do they do this instead of just having a phone number for people to call? Simple...

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How to use an SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway is extremely powerful indeed. It allows companies to connect to our systems and send out messages 1 at a time. Although this sounds a...

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