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.NET Examples

Example of a .NET Bulk SMS Gateway / API integration For more information regarding the bulk sending API click here. A simple example for sending SMS via...

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Supported and Unsupported characters in Text Messages – GSM Character Set

When constructing the message for your SMS Marketing campaign you should be aware that not all characters are supported by the GSM networks. They have a specific character set that...

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Concatenation and Bulk sending

Feature Upgrade API customers can now send messages up to 612 characters long. If you exceed 160 characters you automatically covert to concatenation sending, this has the following connotations. Each message...

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SMS Gateway Explained

What is an SMS Gateway? How would one use it? Is it different to sending text messages in Bulk? There is a full article about SMS...

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Using the SMS Gateway API, Automating Delivery Report Collection

This blog post has been superseded with our website documentation Introduction If you are using the API / Gateway to send bulk SMS you can collect your delivery reports from the server, which is...

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Text Marketer short code / txtUs API options

Introduction The keyword on your system (on short code 88802) or your txtUs number can be used to "route" incoming texts to your account and optionally respond with a message...

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How to use an SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway is extremely powerful indeed. It allows companies to connect to our systems and send out messages 1 at a time. Although this sounds a...

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