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Using SMS to enhance back-to-business for hairdressers and barbers

Hairdressers and barber shops were among the businesses to close their doors on March 23rd 2020, when lockdown in the UK officially began. That was over 14 weeks ago and with the search term ‘DIY haircut’ soaring in google search trends…

Feeling sheepish about talking to your customers?

We’re just going to come out and say it… customer comms aren’t as simple as they used to be. As I type [21st February 2020], the search term ‘how to talk to your customers’ has over 1.38 billion hits on Google.…

SMS for Christmas and beyond

With just 2 sleeps (yes we count in sleeps) until Santa descends the chimney, I think we’re all wondering the same thing… are we on the naughty or nice list? In all seriousness though, this got us thinking. What can a…

12 fast facts about SMS

It’ll come as no surprise that we’re pretty big advocates of the mighty mobile phone and more specifically, SMS communications. Even with the rise in other messaging apps (as we’ve said before), not only is SMS very much alive, it is…

How to send your first SMS marketing campaign

Sending your first SMS marketing campaign and message can be a little daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Brands and businesses all over the world, big and small, from all sectors are sending out SMS marketing campaigns every single minute of the…

Summer sports event calendar – SMS and sporting events, a match made in heaven

For any major sporting event or just a big game, we know that just before and even during is the perfect time to send a text message promoting your takeaway. Sports fans will be getting ready to watch their team and…

Why you need to send a promotional marketing message out for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here, and consumers are rushing around trying to find the perfect gift. For retailers it has always been a popular day, however we tend to spend 3 times more on Mum’s than Dad’s on the retrospective days…

How businesses can build their own mobile solution for less: Part 2

After finishing part 1 in this 2 part series, you should now have a list of different ways you can use SMS to communicate with customers, allow them to connect with you, collect feedback, and collect customer data. From this you…

How businesses can build their own mobile solution for less: Part 1

For most businesses, investing thousands of pounds in a mobile solution that gives them everything they and their customers want is just not possible. But with the huge increase in the popularity and usage of mobile phones, it is almost becoming…

Mobile marketing for business

Text Marketer, the UK’s mobile marketing hub

Mobile marketing with SMS equals business success

The first SMS message was sent through our gateway in 1999 and since then billions of messages have followed.

Offering one of the most direct and personal ways of communication, advertising and marketing to your customers, mobile marketing can be used to drive brand awareness, for promotions and to retain customers. With the extra personal touch and interactive dimension mobile marketing brings open, read and response rates like no other marketing channel.

After all, 98% of text messages get read compared to just 20% of emails (Frost & Sullivan)

Make mobile marketing work even better

At Text Marketer, we aren’t just satisfied with providing a great mobile marketing platform, we know you want more from SMS and so do we. We provide some great extras that can really help you squeeze the most out of mobile marketing and can turn a good mobile marketing campaign into a world class one.

SMS Survey

Customer feedback has never been more important than it is today and with our SMS surveys you can get to know your customers better, what they love about your business and what areas you can improve.

Email 2 SMS

Email to SMS can work great for businesses with a lot of people who all need to send SMS. Our email to SMS gateway receives emails and converts them immediately to texts, delivering them straight to the end users mobile phone.

2 Way SMS

A virtual mobile number and a dedicated short code are two great ways to allow customers to respond and talk to you through SMS. Allow customers to have a conversation with you or let them enter a competition via SMS.

Simple mobile marketing – we deliver, you save

At Text Marketer we give you more for your money, you’ll find more than just low prices to attract you, with the best in-house support and numerous how-tos, eBooks, instructional posts and documents to help you succeed with your mobile marketing campaigns.

We simply promise to help you get the best out of mobile marketing

It is estimated that 91% of adults have their phones within arm’s length 24/7 (Nielsen) meaning that there is no other device you’re likely to reach your customers with, than on a mobile phone.

What are you waiting for?

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