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Wednesday, the best day to send SMS campaigns in 2023

Marketers are constantly wondering when the best time to launch a campaign is, for example, you may have found yourself asking “when is the best day to send SMS campaigns?”. Getting the timing right is critical to success for any marketing…

The EU-US Privacy Shield has been struck down: what are the implications for EU companies using US software?

With the EU-US Privacy Shield being struck down, EU companies using US software need to ensure there are appropriate safeguards in place for their data.

Are these business practices here to stay?

We take a look at some of the lessons covid-19 has taught businesses that we're going to be holding onto post pandemic.

A note from our CEO, Richard Hanscott

Here our CEO details just a few of the steps we have taken as a business, to ensure we can continue supporting our customers through this difficult time.

Your mobile is the most powerful thing in your pocket

We love our mobile phones, we’re joined at the finger tips and with good reason. What can’t you do on a smartphone these days? Usually the list for what can you do, would be shorter than what can’t you do, but…

Mobile Marketing Extends Its Reach with In-Text Links

One of the persistent and legitimate grumbles about SMS is that you are restricted to a measly 160 characters. While e-mail and the web are unrestricted, mobile marketers have had to chew the end of their pencils to compress their offer…

Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging from Text Marketer Bulk messaging is a somewhat clumsy term to describe the process of sending any number of text messages to customers, prospects or contacts.  There are a numbers of options for sending messages. The quickest and easiest…

5 Reasons Why your Mobile Marketing Strategy Stinks

This subject needs no further explanation. 1. You haven’t really got a mobile marketing strategy That sounds a trifle patronising but the reality is that the vast majority of UK companies don’t really get involved in mobile marketing in any meaningful…

Mobile Marketing Poison. Do Not Drink.

Mobile marketing has been helping companies sell more stuff and communicate better with their customers for well over 10 years now. By any measure it is the most effective direct marketing channel available. When compared with direct mail for example, SMS…