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Industry Commentary

Mobile marketing is evolving fast. This section of our blog pulls together our views and comments on this ever changing industry.

99% of Mobile Apps Only Get Used Once

Can this really be true? This is a figure produced by BlackBerry recently that underlines the sad truth that most of the 200,000 available apps are rubbish. The surprising nugget of...

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6 Questions To Ask Your Bulk SMS Software Supplier

If only sourcing the right SMS software company was as easy as finding the lowest price and signing up. As usual, it's a little bit more...

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SMS Dominance to Continue

The popularity of sms messaging will continue for the foreseeable future according to a new report. The report, released by consulting firm Frost and Sullivan reveals that additional features of...

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The Onward March of SMS

6 or 7 seven years ago, most industry pundits were predicting that the meteoric rise of sms messaging as a communication...

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Mobile Marketing

1. It's the most responsive direct marketing channel available. Using bulk SMS as a way of communicating an offer to your customers is astonishingly effective....

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