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The 12 texts of Christmas

The mornings are getting colder, there is a dusting of snow on your garden’s footpath and the windscreen of your car is thick with a stubborn frost, this can only…

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All Spam No Ham

Mobile marketing can bring you results you’ve been dreaming of. Response rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email (Cellit). A response rate can be improved however by sending…

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How SMS is saving businesses millions

It’s annoying when we forget or miss our appointments. However we can assure you that it’s more annoying for the business in question. Missed appointments cost businesses millions of pounds…

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The early bird forgets the worm

Millions of messages have been sent through our SMS gateway over the past few years – from carefully planned tactical campaigns to last minute messages to boost those sales figures.…

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Banksy – 'Modern Love'

The famous graffiti artist has produced another fantastic piece titled ‘Modern Love’ and it’s a big favorite here in the office already. The couple are seen embracing whilst looking over…

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