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Mobile Marketing

Learning all about mobile marketing is easy with our range of bulk SMS marketing content.

How to improve Customer Service and cut costs with SMS

If your business ships products then you have an issue – how do...

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All Spam No Ham

Mobile marketing can bring you results you’ve been dreaming of.

Response rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email (Cellit).

A response rate...

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How SMS is saving businesses millions

It’s annoying when we forget or miss our appointments. However we can assure you that it’s more annoying for the business in question. Missed appointments cost businesses millions of pounds each...

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The early bird forgets the worm

Millions of messages have been sent through our SMS gateway over the past...

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People don’t want a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole

We strive to make our system as easy to use as possible - our developers are constantly trying...

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Banksy – ‘Modern Love’

The famous graffiti artist has produced another fantastic piece titled ‘Modern Love’ and it’s a big favorite...

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Mobile Marketing and Mainline Menswear – the perfect fit

Retail and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand and Mainline Menswear are reaping the rewards. Mainline Menswear launched in...

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93% rise in web traffic thanks to Text Marketer

There’s nothing we like to see more here at Text Marketer than stats and feedback from customers on their mobile marketing exploits. Mainline Menswear is a fashion retailer that opened...

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The machines are taking over the world

It seems that this is the time of year for posts and articles published about “The future of...’ or ‘Trends for 2014’. They can make for very interesting reading and...

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89% of us have PPV Syndrome and we don’t even know it

Don’t worry there is no need to phone your loved ones or start writing your will just yet. Phantom Pocket Vibration Syndrome is not at all life threatening,...

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The future of business communication

I am sure right now at this very moment there is someone writing a horrid review about a company or person on the internet, for how we talk and engage...

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The gloves are off, Email marketing VS Mobile marketing

The big heavyweight fight, Email Marketing VS Mobile Marketing. If you’re wondering which is more responsive, more effective, more convenient and which is flourishing and growing, then this article hopes...

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This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it

Women, as we all know, hold the real power, whatever men say down the pub about being the master of the remote control and wearing the trousers in their relationship. In...

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Shortcode Services

The best Shortcode Services? We tend to think of premium rate when we think of Shortcode Services but their biggest use now is for advertising response or competitions which are non...

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Mobile Marketing – How important is it that you include an opt out?

One of the areas that we focused on in our recently released 'Consumer Attitudes to SMS Marketing' survey was the contentious issue of unsubscribing. We...

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