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Mobile Marketing

Learning all about mobile marketing is easy with our range of bulk SMS marketing content.

The future of business communication

I am sure right now at this very moment there is someone writing a horrid review about a company or person on the internet, for how we talk and engage...

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The gloves are off, Email marketing VS Mobile marketing

The big heavyweight fight, Email Marketing VS Mobile Marketing. If you’re wondering which is more responsive, more effective, more convenient and which is flourishing and growing, then this article hopes...

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This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it

Women, as we all know, hold the real power, whatever men say down the pub about being the master of the remote control and wearing the trousers in their relationship. In...

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Shortcode Services

The best Shortcode Services? We tend to think of premium rate when we think of Shortcode Services but their biggest use now is for advertising response or competitions which are non...

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Mobile Marketing – How important is it that you include an opt out?

One of the areas that we focused on in our recently released 'Consumer Attitudes to SMS Marketing' survey was the contentious issue of unsubscribing. We...

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Mobile Marketing – 68% of Consumers Want To Receive Offers by Text Message

The results of a comprehensive consumer study into what people think about mobile marketing texts have been released. We commissioned a...

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The Top 5 Most Common Marketing Failures

... And how to avoid them 1. Everyone makes mistakes If you know someone who doesn't then please do post your review below! (that should guarantee no reviews!) Don't be afraid of making...

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Mobile Marketing – The Relentless March of the Pointless QR Code

We had a meeting the other day at the excellent Mall pub...

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The Truth About SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

A hefty title to live up to but let's give it a go. What's "Marketing"!? Probably one of the most misused terms in business is my first reaction! But, seriously, for the...

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Reasons to develop a Mobile Marketing Strategy

If you've been thinking about mobile marketing and haven't quite got round to it, here are a few good reasons. A series of pithy quotes and insights from industry...

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Mobile Marketing – Keep Testing

Mobile marketing in the UK is the most effective direct marketing channel. The response rates to mobile marketing campaigns outstrip those of direct marketing by over five times. (Source –...

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Bulk SMS Software – A Developer’s Dilemma

Software developers have never had an easy ride. They're constantly striving to balance the demands of the impatient user, who just wants the damn thing to work, while at the same...

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