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SMS surveys – helping you speak to your customers

Feedback from your customers and employees can prove very useful in giving you great insight into what they love about your business, but also areas that could potentially be improved. However customers are not always willing to speak to staff members…

Please Sir can I have some more? Well there’s no need to ask us for more…

It’s not always as cut and dry with communication as you may think. We appreciate that not everyone has the need or the want to be contacted, has the time to call or email into ask for things nor does every…

The response has been too good – we haven't got the man power

At the Text Marketer towers we like to feel that we have a close relationship with all of our customers, your feedback and campaigns over the years have helped us design and build a market leading SMS platform that many would…

Mobile marketing made easy – more Message Box features

Make mobile marketing easy by taking a look at some of our instructional posts on Messagebox features.

Sending a message – the simple, the useful and the clever, part II

In our last post we showed you some of the great and very basic features in Message Box to save you time and make your mobile marketing experience as simple and as profitable as it can be. In this instalment we…

Sending a message – the simple, the useful and the clever

Our powerful online text messaging gateway messagebox, is a very clever and easy to use system. It’s jam packed with a load of cool little features that will make your job a lot quicker, easier and hopefully more profitable. However some…

Managing sub-accounts couldn’t be easier

Over the years we’ve managed to attract many customers that have multiple branches, departments or shops. So we have developed a system to make central management from a master account as easy as possible for these customers. This is just one…

Raising an invoice and managing credits

To check your transactions and invoices – simply click ‘Financials’ on the Message Box homepage. In the top bar of every page of Message Box you will see the button, Purchase. Simply click that and from here you can select one…

URL Shortening tool added to Message Box marketing tool

Our URL Shorten tool allows you to shorten any web address you include in your message, meaning more characters for your message, and now we can track how many clicks you get and track who clicked your link, when and how…

Message Box

UK’s favourite business text messaging service

Message Box – Bulk SMS software

Message Box is the perfect bulk SMS software for keeping customers up-to-date and informed with your latest sales and offers. From your individual sends to your huge marketing sends – Message Box can do it all.

There is no need to download anything, just log into your free online account and send text messages to your customers at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Brand-new features added to our business SMS platform

SMS Web Pages

Create designated SMS web pages for your SMS campaigns. Send bespoke branded mobile web landing pages by SMS. Include headers, images and text to promote your product or services.

Track URL Links

Track your shortened URL’s with Text Marketer’s Shorten URL feature. See who has clicked on your link, what date and time they did, if they clicked multiple times and what device they are using.

The best text messaging service

We think Message Box is the best text messaging platform out there, it couldn’t be easier to send an SMS message, with added features that will help boost your campaign. But don’t just believe us, have a read of what some of our customers have said about our online SMS platform . . .

“First class service with first class customer service, easy to use feature rich platform”

“Really easy to set up, nice clean intuitive dashboard”

“The web portal is very intuitive. Easy to create your contact groups and plan at what time your text is due to send”

“Very good and user friendly pleased I found it”

“Sent my first bulk text message today and it was so easy . . . I sent my first text messages out within minutes as was so easy to understand!”

“Brilliant system!”

Key features of Text Marketer’s Message Box

  • Enhanced Analytics
    Download and export reports on; sends, responses, failed numbers, API sends, URL clicks and more.
  • Automated SMS Responses
    Set up automated SMS responses to your keywords or when someone texts you.
  • Tracked URL Shorten
    Track exactly who has clicked your shorten URL link, when they clicked, how many times and on what device.
  • Easily Manage Contacts
    Easily upload contacts in bulk. Create sub groups and segment your data ready for your SMS campaigns.
  • Create SMS Web Pages
    Create specifically designed web pages for your SMS campaigns.
  • Sub Accounts
    Create and manage sub accounts, transfer credits between sub accounts or purchase per account..
  • SMS Surveys
    Create, manage, and send multiple surveys via SMS. Export data and see your answers easily.
  • Schedule or Spread Sends
    Schedule your sends for when you are not in or spread your SMS campaigns so your phone lines or website don’t crash.
  • Purchase Credits Online
    Purchase SMS credits, keywords, and virtual mobile numbers all in your account – secure payment.
  • Personalise Messages
    Personalise your message to your customers with their name, previous purchase, interests and more.

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