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Become an SMS Super-Marketing-Hero

With a great marketing platform comes great responsibility, and mastering the art of the personal ‘on-the-go’ mobile device can sometimes mean finding a balance between fighting off the baddies and…

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The social media new boys

Facebook and Twitter are the established players in social media but there are some new kids on the block which have them looking over their shoulders. Snapchat is an app…

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How to attract Mr. Right

There was a time when men didn’t shop or ask for directions. The stereotypical man has changed and so has the way we market to them. The ‘metrosexual’ male has…

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Social Media in a Nutshell

Social media is not just about keeping in touch with friends or posting photos of your lunch, it’s business – big business. However, having a profile on every social media…

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Boxing Day 2013 Stats

The dust has settled, all the presents are now unwrapped, dirty dishes fill the sink, and there is only the coffee chocolates left in the bowl, that means only one…

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