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SMS Surveys

Want to know how to create, send and use an SMS survey? We have a whole list of blogs on why you should be using SMS surveys and how to send one to your customers.

SMS survey example questions

The easiest and most effective way to communicate with your customers is through SMS, it takes around 5 seconds for your message to be delivered and because smartphones are now...

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SMS surveys – the only way to get feedback

Getting customer feedback can be imperative for giving you the knowledge and ability to grow your business. Understanding what...

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Why is customer feedback so important?

Now the above may not be a completely true story, well actually it’s completely made up, but that’s...

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Engage with your customers and staff with SMS polls

The perfect SMS campaign shouldn’t just rely solely on marketing but should also be engaging with your customers. Asking for thoughts and opinions to those who matter most to your...

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If you like a lot of subscribers to your business join our club

Every few years we usually see an advance in technology or a new trend that leads to a new wave of businesses coming through... And there is nothing more we...

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Find out what customers really think in SMS surveys

Without wanting to sound like Professor Brian Cox, the world is always evolving and changing. Technology, fashion, trends, opinions are just some of the things that change like the wind,...

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Why should you survey by SMS?

We are very excited by our new service, SMS surveys, but not as excited as you it seems. We...

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SMS surveys – helping you speak to your customers

Feedback from your customers and employees can prove very useful in giving you great insight into what they love about your business, but also areas that could potentially be improved. However...

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