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Send SMS from Outlook Software

How to configure Outlook to send SMS Text Messages Outlook already has an inbuilt email function but as many businesses know, only a small percentage of emails get read. Also,…

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Send SMS from SAGE ACT! Software

How to configure SAGE ACT! to send SMS Text Messages SAGE ACT! already has an inbuilt email function but as many businesses know, approximately 20% of emails get read. Also, if…

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Sending SMS With Bond Adapt

Adapt recruitment software provides the ultimate user experience for fast-growing firms, helping you maximize business performance. Manage all recruitment processes via intuitive dashboards and workflows with SaaS technology that brings…

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15 Mobile Marketing Websites you Must Read – Infographic

Embed this Infographic on your website: <br /><br />  <br /><br /> <a href=”http://www.textmarketer.co.uk/blog/2012/03/mobile-marketing/15-mobile-marketing-websites-you-must-read-infographic/”> <img src=”http://www.textmarketer.co.uk/img/15-Mobile-Marketing-Websites-You-Must-Read-600px.jpg” alt=”15 mobile marketing websites you must read” width=”600″ height=”3090″ /></a><br /><br /> Source: <a…

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Text Marketer on the Radio

Text Marketer’s first ad goes live on the radio today, hoping to spread the word about Business SMS Marketing. A wider audience We spent a lot of the end of…

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Form2SMS – Instructions

Form2SMS is a great way to turn website traffic into customers. You simply copy the code in your Text Marketer account and add it to your website. From there visitors…

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