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Where Next Mobile Marketing?

Despite impressive growth, the use of mobile marketing has remained firmly on the margins of most marketing and communications strategies. Very few companies in the UK have really embraced the…

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SMS Software

What is SMS Software? Built, in-house, in 2001 we are proud of our SMS Software. We began from the ground up, looking into what the average marketer would need to…

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SMS Service

How easy is it to set up an SMS service? SMS service made simple We’ve been having a discussion here in the office about why people believe that setting up…

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Bulk SMS

Can bulk sms be used in conjunction with other communication channels? Bulk SMS undoubtedly excels as an extremely effective stand alone direct markeintg tool. Response rates to bulk sms campaigns…

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SMS Advertising for your business

Is sms advertising right for my business? Use sms advertising wisely! SMS advertising is simply using the mobile phone as a way of communicating by text with your customers and…

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SMS Buyers' Guide

Choosing the right supplier from the mobile marketing industry is frankly a bit of a nightmare. Companies seem to package things in different ways, have different sms pricing structures and…

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