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How to use SMS web pages to communicate during a crisis

Everything from a cyber attack, to something as seemingly simple as an office power cut, is a potential threat and crisis situation to a business. Clearly, it isn’t possible to prepare for every eventuality. But whatever type of crisis or emergency…

Example SMS Web Pages for a thoughtful festive greeting

So it may be a little colder and a little darker but as we approach the festive period, cheese is more readily available, the sequins are making a daily appearance and perhaps most importantly, the Costa Christmas menu is in full…

Example SMS Web Pages for food outlets

As a business that relies heavily on the taste of food, being able to whip up scrumptious dishes is the number one goal for every restaurant, takeaway, or food outlet. This will be second nature to your chiefs, but what is…

Example SMS Web Pages for retailers

Vincent van Gough, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo… These great artists never had any trouble creating masterpieces. It comes as natural to them as sending SMS does to us. But sadly, we can’t all be artists who with a flick of a brush,…

Cruise Club UK sailing to success with SMS marketing and SMS Web Pages

Cruise Club UK are an independent cruise travel agent with over 30 years of experience offering impartial expertise. Customers can find the best possible cruises at the best possible prices. From cultural cities of the Mediterranean, to the beautiful sandy white…

SMS Web Pages Guide – The perfect landing page

Our new service SMS Web Pages is causing a huge stir in the business marketing world, easy to use, low cost and massively effective… Grabbing huge response rate numbers for customers – it’s no wonder why people are loving it! Sending…

Retail SMS Web Pages – the best way to land those sales

We are always looking for new ways to get more sales, either by improving our existing marketing, or by trying new marketing channels. Hopefully you already know how powerful and successful mobile marketing is, and are already well into your mobile…

8 ways you can use SMS Web Pages

When we released SMS Web Pages we were so excited and eager to see what people thought of it, we could see the endless possibilities that it could be used for to enhance your business marketing plans. We knew you guys…

Star Cars Birmingham get 11,200 clicks using SMS Web Pages

Star Cars Birmingham are a leading taxi firm based in Birmingham. They have a huge loyal customer base and use the latest technology along with great customer service to provide a great service. Star Cars Birmingham wanted to text all its…

SMS Web Pages

Send bespoke mobile landing pages via SMS

SMS web pages – create simple mobile landing pages

Whether you are promoting a new product, a sale, new menu or a job… SMS web pages is the perfect way to tempt your customers. They say pictures can say a thousand words… So tease and tempt your customers with some beautiful images and then carefully construct the persuasive marketing message leading them to your ideal call to action button.

SMS web pages are simple, quick and easy to setup – a great way to impress your customers and for communicating beyond 160 characters during a crisis.

Create beautiful SMS web pages to tempt your customers…

Create your very own SMS web pages. Upload your images, write your text and link your call to action button to wherever you please…

  • No developer time needed or complicated software to download
  • Upload your own images, write your own personal custom text
  • Designed for mobile phones
  • Track clicks with our free analytics
  • Quick, simple and easy to setup – choose from plenty of great templates
  • No setup or design fee
  • And of course… Send at our fantastically low SMS prices

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 . . . 4, 5, 6

Our SMS web page creator is perfect if you need to create a simple, yet effective, mobile landing page, without the hassles of creating a whole new dynamic page on your website.

With no technical or development knowledge required, it really is easy to design and create your very own, professional looking, mobile landing page

  1. Simply select your template
  2. Upload your images and write your text
  3. Change background colour
  4. Change font style, colour or size
  5. Add a call to action button
  6. Preview your web page and send – easy as that!

SMS in an emergency

What’s more, as SMS Web Pages can be created quickly and host a wide range of content including: text, images, a call to action with links to another site, they can also be used very effectively to communicate during an emergency.

For examples of how they can be used, simply head to – How to use SMS Web Pages during a crisis.

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