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Online Texting Service

The best Online Texting Service Text Marketer’s online texting service has been around since 1999. In technology terms, that’s quite a while! We think it’s great but we would say…

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Shortcode Services

The best Shortcode Services? We tend to think of premium rate when we think of Shortcode Services but their biggest use now is for advertising response or competitions which are…

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Your Unsubscribed numbers on Message Box

The Mobile Marketing Association best practice guidelines state that you need to have an unsubscribe service so that customers who no longer wish to receive your text alerts can easily remove themselves from…

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Bulk SMS Bolsters Bathroom Sales

Travis Perkins Newark is the latest of the famous building merchant sites to start using SMS alerts as a way of enticing customers to the store.  Builders are a notoriously…

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SMS For Recruitment

Reed Personnel are using Text Marketer’s web-based business SMS platform to help fill jobs for one of the U.K’s leading mobile phone networks. Reed are using the bulk SMS system…

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China's SMS Use to Fall

Interesting news from China. Experts are predicting a rapid decline in the use of SMS by the country’s 1.2 billion population. After a meteoric rise in texting over the past…

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